Will of Joan Lownds, spinster, 1623

Herts RO 65AW13

In the name of god, Amen.  The xixth day of Maye, anno
D(omi)ni 1623  I Joan Lownds of Winslow in the County of
Bucks Spinster, being sicke in body, but in good & perfect
memorie, god be praysed, do make this my last will & testament
in maner and forme following.  First I bequeath my soule
unto Allmightie god, who created me, and redeemed me by his
sone Jesus Christ, by whose merites onely I trust to have remission
of my sinnes, and consequently eternal felicitie in the kingdome
of heaven.  Any my body to be decently buried in the Churchyard
of Winslow.  Concerning my worldly goods, I give to the poore
of the parish ten shillings to be distributed amongst them in bread
at my funerall, and five shillings to the use of the Church.  Item
I give to my brother Robert Lowndes the elder the summe of tenne
pownds to be payde to him within one yeare after my decease, and
one paire of sheets, and a hand-towell.  Item I give unto my sister
Bridget Graunt the best sute of all my apparrell throughout, w(i)th
two aprons the one of holland the other of blacke woosted, one ioyned
bedsteed at the Angell, with my best fetherbed, bolster, coverlet, and
blankett. Also a paire of curtaines green & redd, my best flaxen
tablecloth and a gould Ring which was my mothers.  Ite(m) I give to
my sister Elizabeth Graunt al(ia)s Miller one ioyned bedsteed at hir house
w(i)th a fetherbed, bolster, coverlet & blanket, w(i)th a table & a forme.  Item
I give unto my brother Bernard Lownds x s and to his daughter x s to my
brother George Lownds ten shillings, and to my brother Robert Lowndes the
younger x s.  The rest of my goods unbequeathed I give unto my loving
brothers in law Walter Graunt & William Miller al(ia)s Graunt,
whom I make my executours of this my last will & testament.  In
witnesse whereof I have hereunto put my marke the day and yeere
first above written.

The marke of Joan Lownds

Rob(er)t Maynwairing

[Probate 27 May 1623 at St Albans to the executors]


Joan Lownds was buried on 24 May 1623. For details of her family, see Thomas Lownes d.1622.

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