Probate of John Lane of Shipton, 1440

Herts RO 1AR34

[Translated from Latin]

The will of John Lane of Shipton in the vill of Wynslowe was proved on the Tuesday before Michaelmas [27 Sep] AD 1440. And administration of the goods of the said will was entrusted to Richard Lane and the wife of the said deceased, his executors, sworn in form of law.


John atte Lane's death is recorded in the Court Books for 1440 (WMCB p.606). His son Robert was aged 14 and custody was granted to his widow Joan. Robert paid gersum for his land (10 acres) in 1448 (WMCB p.634). Richard was probably John's brother.

Joan Albyn's will was proved at St Albans on the same day.


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