Will of Paul Lancaster, joiner, 1626

Herts RO 68AW13

In the name of god Amen
I Paull Lancaster of Winslowe in the countie of Bucks Joyner doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in manner and forme followinge First, I bequethe my soulle unto almightie god my maker and Creator and \to/ Jesus Christ my saviour and Redeemer by whose onely meritts I hope to be saved.  This my will and Testament beinge sick in bodye but in perfect memorie doe I confirme under my hand& sealle Dated this ixth Day of Februearie 1625 First I beqeth my bodye to the earthe to be buried in the Churche yard of Winslowe. It(e)m I give unto my sonn Silvester Lancaster the Som(me) of Twentie Pownds to be recovered of certain
bands due unto me. It(e)m I beqethe unto my Daughter Mowld xx s for her selfe and Fiftie shillings to be equallye devided
amongst her children. It(e)m I give towards the charges att my buriall x s It(e)m I give unto Richard Browne all my wearinge Clothes except my Cloake and those things that weare sent me from Cleidon from my daughter Annis It(e)m I give unto Margerie Browne his wiffe viij s All other my goods moovablles and unmovablles quicke and dead of what kinde or sort soever they be, I doe give and bequeathe unto my daughter Annis whome I doe make my executrix of this my last will and Testament payinge all charges whatsoever I do spende in my sicknese and att my buriall. Also I doe give unto the poore of the p(ar)ishe of Winslowe the summe of [blank] v s Alsoe I doe make Nicholas Brinsall, Edward Plestead and Michaell Walker my overseers of this my last will and Testament

the marke of Paull Lancaster

Wittnesse heereunto
[signed] Nicholas Brinssall
[signed] Michaell Walker
Richard Browne his marke                                                                                         

Inventory of Paul Lancaster, 1626

Herts RO A25/2909

The true & p(er)fit Inventary of all & singuler the Good debts & Chattell of Paule Lancaster late of Wynslo in the County of Bucks deceased made and praysed by Samuell Rawlenes Walter Grant Edward Plested & Thomas Stonell.

Ite(m) three bedsteeds
xlvj s viij d
Ite(m) A Cupbord
xiij s iiij d
Ite(m) three tables & frames
xx s
Ite(m) xij stooles & to Chaires
xxiij s iiij d
Ite(m) Tooles & some od thinges in the shope
xl s
Ite(m) the pewter
xx s
Ite(m) brasse potts and kettles
xxx s
Ite(m) A feather bedd fowre bolsters & two pillows
iij li x s
Ite(m) Cov(er)letts and Blancketts
l s
Ite(m) sheets & ij pillow beeres napkins & bordeclothes
xxx s
Ite(m) three Chestes and a forme
x s
Ite(m) tressells & wood in the timber loft
x s
Ite(m) the leantoo ioyning to the barne and the p(ar)tic(i)on in the hall
x s
Ite(m) flocke bedes
vj s
Ite(m) A hogeshed & fowre Barrells
x s
Ite(m) A peece of waynskote in the hall
v s
Ite(m) Tubbs kivers and boles
x s
Ite(m) ij spitts ij hangers a dripping pann a gridiron a frying pan(n) to cobirons a fire forke & a trevet
vij s
Ite(m) earthen ware
ij s
Ite(m) A bushell & a halfe pecke
xviij d
Ite(m) A paire of Tables
ij s
Ite(m) two stam(m)ell petticoates two waskotes and a gowne
xxxv s
Ite(m) A cloake
x s
Ite(m) woode & a skaffold & faggotts
xx s
Ite(m) debts due uppon Bondes
xxlj li
Ite(m) due from Michaell Walker
xx s
Ite(m) owinge by Edward Sturron
x s
Ite(m) owinge by Reve of Whaddon
ij s
Ite(m) owinge by Nicholas Brinsall
iij s x d
Ite(m) owinge by Will(i)am Warner of Wynslo
xij d
Ite(m) a saltinge trafe a little coffer
iiij s
Ite(m) a peece of coorse sheeting & a new box in Edwarde Brownes wifes keepinge
v s
Sum(m)a to(ta)lis
Lij li vij s viij d

[Presented by Agnes [blank] widow, executor 15 June 1626]


Paul Lancaster was buried at Winslow on 11 Feb 1625/6, and his wife Elizabeth on 7 Jan 1625/6. Presumably their children Silvester and Mould were the godchildren of Silvester and Mould Mitchell (married 1602).

bordeclothes: board-cloths, i.e. table-cloths

stam(m)ell = stammel: a coarse woollen cloth or linsey-woolsey, usually dyed red (OED)