Will of John Kirbie, weaver, 1608 (proved 1609)

Herts RO 7AR261

In the name of God Amen the fourteenth day of September[?] Anno D(omi)ni 1608 I John Kirby of Winslow in the County of Bucks weaver being sicke in body but in good and p(er)fect memory (God be thanked) doe make this my last will and testament in m(a)n(ne)r and forme following First I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God who hath Created and redeemed me by his Sonn Jesus Christ, by whose merrits onely I trust to be saved, and my body to be decently buried in the churchyard of Winslo  Concerning my worldly goods Also I give unto the children of Will(ia)m Strafford of Chitwood five shillings apeece, to be paid one whole yeare after my decease Item I give unto my sonn Walter Kirby one standing bed w(i)th a mattris a bolster a blankett and a coverlett and a paire of sheetes Also I give unto my sonn Thomas Kirbie one standing bed w(i)th a mattris a bolster a blankett a cov(er)lett & a paire of sheets after the decease of his mother Item I give unto Lettice Kirbie daughter of the said Thomas Kirby one Cofer of Ash. Item I give one malt mill, one table and frame w(i)th two formes to remaine as standards to my house Item I give  unto my sonn Thomas Kirbie one brasse pann, after the decease of his Mother, And I give my greatest kettle to my sonn Walter Kirbie, after the decease of his Mother And to either of my said Sonns two pewter platters of the best after theire mothers decease Also I give unto the poore of Winslow parish five shillings to be given among them in brede att my funeral. The rest of my goods unbequeathed I leave unto Alice my wife whom I make my sole executrix, And my beloved Brothers in law Thomas Graunt and William Tomlin my overseers. In witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare first above written.

John Kirby his marke

[Probate granted at St Albans on 5 Aug 1609 to Alice Kirbie, widow]

Inventory of John Kirbie, weaver, 1609

Herts RO A25/2111

An Inventorye of the goods & Cattells of John Kyrbye wever late of Wynslowe in the Countye of Buck decessed taken & prysed by Peter Fyge Thom(a)s Overynge & Wyll(ia)m Tomlyn the viijth daye of Julye Anno D(o)m(ini) 1609

In the hall
Impr(imis) one Table w(i)th a frame & a f[orme? one?] Stoole one Chayre one Cubberd & a henne penne
x s [?]
It(em) one brasse pott iiij kettles one postnet and one brasse pott one pan and xvtene peecs of pewter w(i)th a dozen of spoones
xxxv s
It(em) ij payre of pott hangers, j payre of pott hokes, Fyer showle j payre of Tonge w(i)th Lumber
iij s iiij d
In the p(ar)lor
Impr(imis) j standinge bedd j Truckle bedd w(i)th a Fetherbedd ij matterysses v bolsters iij pyllowes v Coverlyds iiij blankets
v li
It(em) three Chests j Chayre & iiij quysshions
xx s
In the Chamber
Impr(imis) one standinge bedd ij Chests & j presse with Lumber
xv s
It(em) x payre of Sheets ij table Clothes vj napkins ij Cubberd Cloths ij pyllowbeares & ij hand towels
l s
It(em) bread Corn & malt
xv s
In the Shoppe

Impr(imis) ij payre of loomes w(i)th theire furniture & c(er)ten Lumber

iiij li x s
In the buttery

Impr(imis) iij barrells ij tubbes j bolting whytch j [....] j Troffe iij bolles & a querne

xv s
In the yard
Impr(imis) iij ladders c(er)ten boords & 8 Planks w(i)th the wood
iij li x s
It(em) Sheepe Racks & a dozen[?] of h[....]
x s
It(em) xxxvj Sheepe & lambes
vj li xv s
It(em) ij hogges
xij s
It(em) iij hennes & a Cocke
ij s vj d
It(em) his Apparrell
xxx s
It(em) haye
vj s viij d

[signed] Peter Fyge Thom(a)s Ove[ringe] W(illia)m Tomlyn

[Latin] Presented by Alice Kirbye, widow and executrix, 31 [ - - - ] 1609. Commission: iij s iiij d. Obligation: xij d.

Inventory of Alice Kyrby, 1617

Herts RO A25/2543

The True and perfitt Inventory of all and singuler the goods debtes and Cattels of Alyce Kyrby late of Wynslo in the Cowntye of Bucks deceased made and praysed the Third day of May 1617 by Thomas Grante Thomas Overinge and Will(ia)m Tomlyn

In premis a Cupboard and a Presse
x s
Item thre Cofers
x s
Item B two Brasse pottes thre kettles a chafinge disshe a posnet and a skim(m)er
xxx s
Item twelve peeces of Pewter
viij s
Item a Fetherbed two bolsters two pillowes and an other olde Bed
xxx s
Item two old Coverlettes and two blancketts
x s
Item nyne payer of sheetes two pillow beres and fowre Table napkyns
l s
Item halfe a quarter of wheat
xv s
Item a Tub a kyver a payre of stock cardes and other lumber
viij s
Item two Loomes w(i)th the furniture of the shoppe
iiij li
Item a salting troughe and a boulting hutche
viij s
Item a spitt a payre of Andirons and a payer of Tonges
v s
Item two ladders certeyne bordes and wood
xx s
Item two stockes of bees and two hennes
viij s
Item fowre Ewes and lames
xxvij s
Item a land of Beanes
x s
Item in money and debtes
x li vj s
Item her wearing Apparell
xl s
Sum(m)a Totalis
xxviij li xvj s

Accounts of the estate of Alice Kirbie, 1621

Herts RO A25/2543

The trewe and perfect Accompte of Walter Kirbie the naturall and lawfull sonne of Alice Kirbie and Administrator of all and singuler the goods debtes rightes and chattelles of \the said/ Alice Kirbie late whiles she lived of the parrishe of Winslo in the Countye of Bucks and w(i)thin the Archdeaconrie of St Albanes deceased Intestate wherein is contained as well the Sum(m)e totall of all and singulerthe goods debtes rights and Chattelles of the said deceased contained in an Inventrie thereof made and exhi(bi)ted into this Courte as alsoe the charges paym(en)ts and expences of this Accomptant spent and laid forth in and aboute the Admi(nistra)tion of the said goods and paym(en)t of the said debtes of the said deceased and is as followeth vizt

The charge
Imprimis this Accomptant chargeth himselfe w(i)the the som(m)e of twentie eighte pounds fifteene shillings of good and lawfull money of England as appeareth by the Inventorie thereof made and exhi(bi)ted into this courte under the handes of indifferent Appraisers being the trewe price and vallewe of all the goods debtes rightes and chattells of the said deceased
28li 15s
The discharge
Imprimis this Accomptant prayeth Allowance of the Sum(m)e of seaven shillings spent and laid oute in and aboute the funeralls of the said deceased
It(e)m this Accomptant craveth to be allowed the Sum(m)e of three shillings fowre pence paid to the mynister of Winso for a mortuarie
3s 4d
It(e)m this Accomptant prayeth to be allowed the Sum(m)e of twelve pence spent upon the deceased in the tyme of her sicknes
It(e)m this Accomptant desireth to be allowed the Sum(m)e of twentie shillings paid spent and paide in travaile and in obtaineing of L(ette)res of Ad(ministra)tion and for the bonde makeinge of Inven(to)ries and at the Appraiseing of the goods of the said deceased
[f.2] It(e)m this Accomptant prayeth to be allowed theis Sum(m)es alsoe followeing
Imprimis for proces to calle this Accomptant to passe his Accompte
It(e)m for the Acte of the Courte
It(e)m for the Apparetors Fees
3s 8d
It(e)m for drawing this Accompte into paper to remaine for the Recorde of the Courte
3s 4d
It(e)m for registering this Accompte into p(arch)m(en)t to passe under the seale
It(e)m for the quietus est to the Judge and Register
13s 4d
It(e)m for waxe and seale
Summa total(is) expensar(um)
3li 10d
Soe remaineth in the hands of this Accomptant the Sum(m)e of twentie five pounds foureteene shillings and twoe pence
w(hi)ch the Judge hath allowed unto this Accomptant for his parte and porcon of the said goods salvo jure cuiuscumque
25li 15s 2d

[Latin] He was sworn about the truth of this account on the last day of April 1621 before the venerable James Rolfe, official and commissary[?], in the presence of Master Thomas Folsor[?], notary public.



John Kirbie was buried at Winslow on 27 June 1609. Alice was buried on 30 April 1617. The marriage of John Curbye and Alice Tomlyn took place at Winslow on 13 Oct 1572. She was the daughter of William and Joan Tomlyn. Thomas was baptised on 23 Aug 1573 and Walter on 20 Nov 1575. Thomas' daughter Lettice was baptised on 24 March 1599/1600.

Thomas Grant and John Kirby were both sons-in-law of William Tomlyn the elder, d.1587.

Sheepe Racks: racks for sheep to feed from (OED)

stock carde: A large wool card fastened to a stock or support (OED, s.v. stock-card)