Will of Hugh Jones, 1436 (proved 1437)

Herts RO 1AR28

[Translated from Latin]

In the name of God amen. On Wednesday A.D. 1436 [sic] I Hugh Jones of sound mind and memory see that I am in imminent peril of death, and so make my will in this way. First I bequeath my soul to almighty God, the blessed Mary and all the saints, and my body to be buried in the parish churchyard of St Laurence of Wynselowe. Item I bequeath to all[?] the lights, namely to the light of St Laurence 2d, to the light of St Mary of the said church 2d. Item I bequeath to Robert Rop(er) a pair of my best hose [caligarum] and a pair of shoes [sotularum]. Item I bequeath to Robert Loksmyth a russet gown, not the best. Item to Richard Mawndevile clerk 2d. The residue indeed of my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to William Pires[?] my relative [agnato] whom I ordain and appoint my true executor, so that he may pay my debts if there are any, and faithfully complete and perform all my wishes in everything.

This will was proved on 8 May and administration was granted to the executor written above.


Hugh Jones' activities were recorded in the Court Books until 1436, but his death was not mentioned. His heir was probably William Peers alias Tomlyn (d. 1464) but only the first and last letters of the surname are clear. The other legatees are all found in the Court Books.


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