Will of William Janyn of Shipton, 1464

Herts RO 1AR108v

[translated from Latin]

On 12 March AD 1463 I William Janyne of Shypton of the parish of Wynselowe, sound of mind etc. Item I bequeath to the high altar 2 bushels of barley and to each light 1 bushel of barley and to the light of the torches 2 bushels of barley. Item to the light of the cross 2 bushels of barley. And I appoint as executors Joan my wife and Thomas Hardyng, etc.

[Probate granted 23 June 1464]


This is probably the William Janyn who inherited a messuage, virgate and 2 acres in Shipton from his mother Alice in 1442 (WMCB p.609), but a William Janyn of Shipton also died in 1454, when there was a proclamation for his heir to come forward (p.675). One of the Williams was associated with, and probably the brother of, Robert Janyn, who was dismissed as Farmer of the manor in 1451 (pp.652-3).



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