Will of Stephen Janyn, 1459

Herts RO 1AR94

Stephanus Janyn

[Latin text] In vicesimo[?] tercio die mensis Maii Anno domini millesimo CCCCmo lixo Ego Stephanus Janyn de Wynselowe compos mentis condo testamentum meum in hunc modo In primis lego animam meam deo omnipotenti & beate marie virgini omnibusque sanctis corpus que meum ad sepeliendum in cimiterio ecclesie parochialis de Wynselowe predict’ Item lego summo altari iiij d Item altari sancte marie j b’ ordei Item altari beate marie in purificacione j b’ ordei Item altari Sancti Nicholai j b’ eiusdem Item altari sancti/e - - - totidem Item ecclesie de Greneburgh unam dimidiam acram fabarum iacentem in campo de Greneburgh predict’ Item lego parve[?] campane de Wynselowe predict’xvj d Item torticiis eiusdem ecclesie j b’ ordei Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum non legatorum do & lego executoribus meis ut ipsi ordinent & disponant pro anima mea ut ipsis videtur melius expedire Et ad istud[?] testam’ ordino facio & constituo Nicholaum Janyn & Johannam uxorem meam meos executors // probat’ vicesimo[?] vjto die Junii - - -

[translation] On 23[?] May 1459 I Stephen Janyn of Winslow, of sound mind, make my will in this way. First I leave my soul to almighty God and the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints, and my body to be buried in the graveyard of the parish church of Winslow aforesaid.  Item: I leave to the high altar 4d.  Item: to the altar of St Mary 1 bushel of barley.  Item: to the altar of the Blessed Mary in purification 1 bushel of barley.  Item: to the altar of St Nicholas 1 bushel of the same.  Item: to the altar of St - - -  the same amount.  Item: to the church of Granborough a half-acre of beans lying in the field of Granborough aforesaid.  Item: to the small[?] bell of Winslow aforesaid 16d.  Item: to the torches of the same church 1 bushel of barley.  The residue of all my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to my executors to arrange and dispose for my soul as seems best to them.  And for the will I ordain, make and appoint Nicholas Janyn and Joan my wife my executors.

Proved on 26 June - - -

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