Will of Henry Illyng of Wynslow, 1510

Herts RO 2AR146

[Latin] In dei nomine amen vto die mensis decembris anno domini mo quingen’mo decimo Ego Henricus Illyng de Wynslowe inf’ iurisdictione sancti Albani in com’ Buk’ compos mentis saneque memorie condo testamentum meum in hunc modum  In primis lego animam meam deo patri omnipotenti beate Marie virgini matri Christi ac omnibus sanctis dei corpusque meum sepeliend’ in cimiterio ecclesie sancti Laurencii de Wynslow predict’  Item lego matrici ecclesie sancti Albani iiij d  Item lego summo altari in ecclesia de Wynslow predict' iiij modios brasii pro decimis & oblacionibus meis oblitis  Item lego cuilibet altari in dicta ecclesia ij modios brasii  Item lego campanis ibidem ij modios brasii.  lego lumini Crucifixi ij modios brasii.  lego torchiis ij modios brasii.  Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum superius \non/ legatorum post debita mea solut’ & execucionem huius presentis testamenti mei do & lego Johanne uxori mee & Johanni Illyng filio meo  Quos quidem Johannam & Johannem constituo ordino & facio meos veros legitimos executores per presentes ut ipsi deum pro oculis suis habentes presens testamentum meum fideliter exequant’ & compleant cum effectu ac etiam facio & ordino Ricardum Wyllous supervisorem istius testamenti mei hiis testibus domino Georgio Brown vic’ ibidem Thoma Leche Thoma Illyng & aliis dat’ &c

[translation] In the name of God amen. On 5 Dec 1510 I, Henry Illyng of Wynslowe within the jurisdiction of St Albans in Bucks, sound of mind and of healthy memory, make my will in this way. First I bequeath my soul to God the father almighty, the blessed Mary the virgin mother of Christ, and all God's saints, and my body to be buried in the churchyard of the church of St Laurence of Wynslow aforesaid. Item I bequeath to the mother church of St Albans 4d. Item I bequeath to the high altar in the church of Wynslow aforesaid 4 bushels of malt for my tithes and offerings forgotten. Item I bequeath to each altar in the said church 2 bushels of malt. Item I bequeath to the bells in the same place 2 bushels of malt. I bequeath to the light of the crucifix 2 bushels of malt. I bequeath to the torches 2 bushels of malt. The residue indeed of all my goods not bequeathed above, after the payment of my debts and the execution of this my present will, I give and bequeath to Joan my wife and John Illyng my son. The which Joan and John indeed I appoint, ordain and make my true and legitimate executors by the present writings so that they, having God before their eyes, may faithfully carry out and fulfil my present will with effectiveness. And I also make and ordain Richard Wyllous supervisor of this will of mine. With these witnesses: Master George Brown, vicar of the same place, Thomas Leche, Thomas Illyng and others. Given, etc.

[Probate granted 3 Feb 1510/11]

On 27 Jan 1502 Henry Illyng of Winslow quitclaimed to the king 4 acres of land in Puxley, Northants, in return for £10: CP 25/1/179/98, number 92.