Inventory of Thomas Hudson, butcher, 1611

Herts RO A25/2227

The true and p(er)fitt Inventory of all and singler the goods debts and cattells of Thomas Hudson late of Wynslow in the Countye of Bucks Butcher deceased made & praysed the xxvth daye of April A(nn)o D(omi)ni 1611 by Peter Fydge Henry Wendover & Nicholas Brynsall

Inprimis in the hall a table w(i)th a frame a forme iij stoles & a chaire
x s
It(e)m two cupbords
xx s
It(e)m the Brasse & the pewter
xxx s
It(e)m pothangers spitts & cobirons
iiij s
It(e)m in the Parlo(u)r ij tables w(i)th frames and ij stoles
xiij s iiij d
It(e)m a ioyned Bedsted a cov(er)lett a boulster and a blankett
xxv s
It(e)m in the chamber over the hall a table a frame a forme & ij cofers
xiij s iiij d
It(e)m a bedsted a mattris a boulster a cov(er)lett and a blankett
xx s
It(e)m six paire of sheets ij table clothes vj napkins & a pillowbeere
xxx s
It(e)m in the chamber over the shopp a table a forme & ij stoles
viij s
It(e)m a presse ij bedsteds ij cov(er)letts ij boulsters & ij blanketts
xxvj s viij d
It(e)m a horse a sowe & six pigs
xl s
It(e)m his wearinge Apparell
xiij s iiij d
Summa totalis
xij li xiij s viij d

Signum Isabelle Hudson Ad(ministraticis)

[Presented by Isabella Hudson widow and administratrix 26 April 1611]


Thomas Hudson was buried at Winslow on 4 April 1611, and Isabel on 1 June 1633. She was nee Wiat, and they were married at Winslow in Jan 1597/8. Thomas was evidently not involved in farming as earlier butchers were.