Will of Robert Honer, 1525

Herts RO 2AR193

In the name of god amen the yere of o(ur) lord god mdxxv I Robert Hon(er) of hole memory thankyd be god make & ordeyn my last wyll in this man(er) & forme folowyng.  First I bequethe my soule to almyghty god to o(ur) blessed lady & to all the holy co(m)pany of hevyn & my body to be buryed in the church yard of saint Laurence of Wynslow.  It(e)m I bequeth to the high autar a busshell of hard benes & to ev(er)y auter in the church as much.  It(e)m to saint Albans shryne iiij d.  It(e)m v masses of the v woundes of Criste to be said for me xx d.  It(e)m to the bells ij b(ushels) of hard benys & to the torches a b(ushel) of benes.  The residue of all my goods not bequethed (my detts payde) I geve & bequethe to Agnes my wyff whom I make myn Executrice & Thomas Sponer to be sup(er)visor w(i)t(h) hur to dispose them as she thynketh best for the helth of my soule & all cristen soules.  These be witnes Tho(ma)s Spon(er) Will(ia)m Legatt w(i)t(h) others.

[Probate granted to the executrix 16 Oct 1525]