Inventory of Richard Hogson of Shipton, blacksmith

Herts RO A25/1793

The True and perfitt Inventary of all and singuler the goods debts and Cattells of Rychard Hogson late of Shipton w(i)thin the parishe of Wynslo in the Cowntye [of Bucks] blacksmyth deceased made and praysed the viij daye of August in the yeare of our lord god 1601 by Peter Figge gent Thomas Graunt[?] Thomas Robynson Thomas Overinge Thomas Hogson and Richard Snowe

In the hall
In Primis a Cupborde a Table upon tressells a benche a forme two stooles and a Chayre
xvj s
Item a payer of pot hangers a payer of Tonges and a fyer shovell
xx d
Item vj peeces of pewter, two Candell stickes, two brasen potts and thre kettles
xxiiij s
In the Chamber
Item a Bedstede and two Cofers
v s
Item fower Coverletts two blancketts vj payer of sheetes, two Tableclothes two bolsters, iiij pillowes and a flock bed
iij li
Item his Apparell
xx s
In the shoppe
Item two Tubbes and two ba[rrels?]
vj s viij d
Item Coles iron and working tooles
vj li iiij s
In the yarde
Item the Poultrye
v s
Item wood and tymber
xx s
Item a mare
vj s viij d
Item a Cowe and a Bullock
xl s
Item two weaning pigges
iiij s
Su(m)ma Totalis
xvj li xiijs

The marke of Elizabeth Hogson widow

[Presented by Richard Snowe, proxy of Elizabeth Hogson the administratrix, 2 Sep 1601]


Richard Hogson was buried on 1 Aug 1601. He married Elizabeth Snowe on 12 Jan 1593/4.

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