Inventory of Bernard Hogge, 1617

Herts RO A25/2536

The True and perfitt Inventary of all and Singuler the goodes Debts and Cattells of Bernard Hogge late of Wynslo in the Cowntye of Bucks deceased made and praysed the xxiijth Daye of Aprill 1617 by Henry Wendover Thomas Overinge and Thomas Stutsbury

In Primis in the hall a Table with a frame a forme two old Chayers and a Cupbord
xvj s
Item two dosen of pewter
xx s
Item a payer of pott hangers a payer of Andirons Bellowes and Tonges
iiij s
Item in the Chamber a Cupbord a Presse and fower Cofers
xx s
Item a ioyned Bedstede and an other olde Bedsted
xx s
Item two fether beddes three bolsters and fower pillowes
xlvj s viij d
Item three Coverletts and six Blancketts
xxvj s viij d
Item Eight payer of sheetes six pillowberes and other small Lynnen
iij li
Item two olde mattresses and thre paynted clothes
v s
Item Ten poundes of Wooll
x s
Item in the kitchen fyve kettles thre potts a brasse pa(n)ne a chafinge disshe and fower Candelstickes
iij li x s
Item a payer of potthangers a payer of pott hookes a fryinge pa(n)ne a dripping pa(n)ne a spitt and a gridiron
v s
Item three wedges w(i)th other old iron
v s
Item two barrells thre Tubbes three bolles a kyver a fatt a Bushell and two Bucketts
xxiij s iiij d
Item a querne a saltinge troughe w(i)th other Lumber
xvj s viij d
Item in the lofte thre wheeles and two olde Cofers
v s
Item two dosen of hurdells a draught rake a ladder a payer of harrowes and two troughes
xx s
Item a Cowe and two hogges
iij li vj s viij d
Item two Geese six hennes and a Cocke
vj s viij d
Item Corne Pease and grasse in the ground
vj li
Item his Apparell
xxvi s viii d

Summa Totalis
xxix li xij s iiij d

[Presented by Phillis Hogge widow and administratix 26 May 1617]


Barnard Hogge was buried on 30 March 1617. He married Phillis Est on 9 Jan 1592/3. He held a messuage and 20 acres of land according to the schedule of 1610.

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