Will of Ann Hitchcocke of London, widow, 1632

London Metropolitan Archives, Ms 9172/40 no.306

In the name of God amen I Ann Hitchcocke of London widowe beinge sicke in body but of good and perfecte mynd and memory thankes be given to God doe make and ordaine this my last will and testam(en)t in manner and forme followeinge (that is to saie) First I bequeath my better p(ar)te even my soule into the hands of my Creator knowinge assuredly that by the death and passion of my Alsufficient Saviour Christ Jesus the wroth of my god is appeased my sinns by his bloud purged the hand writeinge w(hi)ch was against me cancelled and by his onely merritts the inheritance of the heavenly Jerusalem purchased for me after the troublesome pilgrymage of this wicked world, my body beinge earth I give to the earth to be buried in Christian buriall in such manner and forme as my Executrix and Overseers hereafter named shall thinke fitt, And as concerneinge such goods as it hath pleased god to lend me, I give and bequeath the same as followeth, Imprimis I give and bequeath unto my loveinge brother John Newland the some of five shillings of lawfull mony of England, to be paid unto him my said brother within three monthes nexte after my estate decease, The rest and residue of all my estate goods and Chattells debts some and somes of mony whatsoever, after my debts paid and funerall discharged I give and bequeath unto my loveinge daughter Elizabeth Hitchcocke whome I make full and sole Executrix of this my last will and testam(en)t And I doe desire my loveing Unckle John Child, William James and Vallentine Fyge, to be the Overseers of this my last will and testam(en)t desireinge them to assist my said Executrix in p(er)formance of this my last will and testam(en)t, In witnes whereof to this my last will and testam(en)t I have thereunto sett my hand and seale the fourteenth day of Novemb(er) Anno D(o)m(ini) 1632 Annoq(ue) regni Caroli Regis &c octavo
                                                                                                the m(ar)ke of the said Ann

Sealed deliv(er)ed in the p(rese)nce of William James  Valentyne Fyge  Anthony Boyd

[Latin] Proved on 29th November 1632 by Master Thomas Wiborow MA surrogate; commission given to John Child, one of the overseers named in this will, to administer the goods etc. according to the tenor and effect of this will during the minority of and for the benefit and use of Elizabeth Hichcocke daughter of the deceased and executrix named in this will.  He was sworn etc. about well etc. and about full etc. and true etc., saving the right etc.

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