Administration of John Hasard, 1718

Herts RO 155AW20

[summarised from Latin and English]

Elizabeth Hasard of Winslow, widow
Thomas Turnham of Hogston, innkeeper
Thomas Short of the same, farmer
were bound to the Archdeacon for £200, 20 May 1718.

Elizabeth Hasard, widow of John Hasard of Winslow, is to present an inventory by 31 August and accounts by 31 May 1718 [sic]

Signed in the presence of
Egerton Cutler
Will: Hunt

The mark of Elizabeth Hasard

Tho Turnham
Tho Short


Elizabeth Turnham married John Hazzard at Hoggeston in 1716. She was the daughter of Edward Turnham (d.1723) and stepdaughter of Mary Robinson, alehouse keeper of Winslow. After she was widowed, she lived at Hoggeston with her brother until she married John Colten in 1723. Thomas Short was probably her brother-in-law.