Will of Richard Hartwell of Wynslowe, 1530

Herts RO 2AR213

In dei nomine amen an(n)o d(omi)ni mdxxx I Richard Hartwell of hole memory thankid be god make [this my will]
in this man(er) folowyng First I bequethe my soule to almyghty god to o(ur) blessid lady & to all the ho[ly company of]
hevyn & my body to be buried in the church of saint Laurence of Wynslowe before saint Th[omas altar]
Item to saint Albans shryne ij s  It(e)m to the high aut(er) half a quart(er) of barley.  It(e)m to ev(er)y [altar of the]
church ij busshells of malt.  It(e)m to the roode lyght ij busshells of malt.  It(e)m to the sep[?ulchre 2 bushels?]
of malt.  It(e)m to the bells ij busshells of malt.  It(e)m to the torches ij busshells of malt.  It(e)m p(ro)[ - - - ]
It(e)m to the church of Swanburn a busshell of malt.  It(e)m to Grenburgh church a busshell of malt.  [Item to the church of Little]
Horwod a busshell of malt.  It(e)m to an honest prest for a qua(r)t(er) of a yere to syng for me & for a[ll Christian]
sowles.  It(e)m to ev(er)y oon of my godchildren a busshell of barley.  It(e)m a wether to my curate [ - - - ]
to pray for me.  It(e)m I will that Johan my wyff shal have all my howse & land in Shipton for t[he term of her life?]
and after her decesse to remayne to Rob(er)t Hartwell my brod(er) & his heyres.  Itm to Alice La[ - - - ]
a weynyng calf.  It(e)m to Rob(er)t my brother my kendall cote my tawney worsted doblett and
a hovell of benes next the whete hovell.  It(e)m to Thomas Mayne my marble coote.  It(e)m to
Thomas Lane a russett coote & a lethern doblett & a petycote.  It(e)m I wyll that my monthis day
be kepte till the yere be come forth.  It(e)m to Margaret Mayne a calfe & to Richard Hartwell
a calfe.  The residue of all my goods not bequethed (my detts payde) I gyve to Johan my wyff &
Robert my brother havying for his paynes aft(er) my wyffs decesse ij oxen or iij keen whom I make
myn Executors to dispose therin for the welth of my soule & all cristen soules & John Palm(er) to be
sup(er)visor of this my last wyll hiis testibus d(omi)no Joh(ann)e Whyght Guillelmo Tomlyn Joh(ann)e Palm(er) cum multis aliis.

[Probate to executors 7 July 1530]


kendall: Kendal: a species of green woollen cloth (OED)

marble: patterned like marble (OED, s.v. marble B2)

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