Will of Elizabeth Hardyng, 1501

Herts RO 2AR104

In the name of God amen. In the year 1501 on 25 June I Elizabeth Hardyng of Wynslow sound of mind although sick in body make my will in this manner. First I bequeath my soul to God the almighty father and the blessed Mary the virgin and all the saints and my body to be buried in the churchyard of the parish church of St Laurence of Wynslow. Item I bequeath to the monastery of St Albans 2d. Item I bequeath to the high altar 8d. Item I bequeath to each altar 2d. Item I bequeath to the raising[?] of the holy crucifix 12d. Item I bequeath to the bells 12d. Item I bequeath to the torches 12d. The residue of my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to Robert my son whom I appoint my executor that he may dispose for the salvation of my soul and my ancestors'. With these witnesses: Robert Sebroke, John Grene & W. Baker.

[Probate 19 Aug 1501 to the executor]