Will of William Gyles, woollen draper, 1713 (proved 1714)

National Archives PROB 11/542

The last Will and Testament of William Gyles of Winslow Woolen draper made October the twentith 1713.  Imprimis I bequeath my soul to Almighty God &c I give unto my loving Wife Elizabeth All my goods and merchandize with all other appurtenances now in my possession at Stony Stratford as also the half of the Stock and Shop debts at Winslow and Layton now enjoyed by me Provided notwithstanding that she shall pay her part of the Debts that shall be then due to our Creditors And farther I give and bequeath unto my loving Wife All the Land I now possess at Buckingham and now occupyed by John Jones And farthermore my Will land pleasure is that that peice of my Free land now called by the name of Ox-Eye in the parish of Winslow in the County of Bucks now in my possession shall descend after my decease to use of my brother Foster of Cheshum and his heires for ever Farthermore All that Copyhold land now in my possession in the parish of Winslow aforesaid in the County of Bucks I give and bequeath unto my sisters to be equally divided amongst them that is to say Sarah Grace Martha and Jane Item I bequeath unto my honoured Mother Sarah Gyles that Barn now in my possession commonly known by the name of Seaton's barn in the parish of Winslow in Coun(ty) Bucks Item I give unto the Generall Baptist Church in Winslow the Sum(m)e of 20 Shill(ings) p(er) annu(m) to be secured by bond given by my Wife to Leonard Wilkins of Lee and Thomas Mountague of Grandborrow within six months after my decease And farthermore my Will and pleasure is That within the space of Twelve months after my decease my Wife shall be obliged to pay the Legacys following that is to say to John Anderson of Aylesbury Dyer the sum(m)e of Thirty pounds to John Britton Sen(ior) of Cosgrove I give the sum(m)e of Thirty pounds  Item to Abell Langford Laceman of Wolverton End the sum(m)e of twenty pounds Farthermore I give to Mr Joseph Jenkins of London Ten pounds Item I give to my Uncle Joseph Gyles's son William Gyles the sum(m)e of Forty pounds Item I give to my honoured Mother Mrs Sarah Gyles the sum(m)e of One hundred pounds I also give to my sisters Sarah Grace Martha and Jane the sum(m)e of fiveteene pounds apeice I also give unto William Miller of Cheshum the sum(m)e of ten pounds Item I give unto Sarah the daughter of my brother John King the sum(m) of ten pounds Item I give unto my loving Aunt Mrs Mary Hodgskiss Widow the sum(me) of ten pounds Item I give unto my loving friend Matthew Deely the sum(m)e of Five pounds All these Legacys are to be paid by my Wife whom I make Sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament and at whose sole charge I desire to be decently interred.    William Gyles.
Daniel Gyles Matthew Deely Tim. Harding

[Probate in Latin: granted in London to Elizabeth Gyles widow and executrix 14 Sep 1714]


This William Gyles was the son of William Gyles d.1713. He was buried by the Vicar on 2 Nov 1713 as an "anti-Christian". See Gyles Family page.

"My brother Foster" seems to be his sister Sarah's husband future Thomas Foster, who later moved to Winslow. However, the relationship here must be through Elizabeth Gyles (see her will below), and the most likely explanation is that her sister was Foster's first wife, who died in 1718 or earlier (a Mary Foster was buried at Chesham in 1717).

Ox-Eye: William inherited this under the terms of his grandfather William Gyles' will of 1702, after the death of his grandmother Mary.

Another William Gyles, who owned land at Winslow, was active at the Baptist General Assembly from 1731 until 1742, when he was elected Messenger. He could be the cousin mentioned in the will, evidently the son of Daniel Gyles d.1747.

Will of Elizabeth Gyles, widow, 1718

National Archives, Prob 11/565 ff.38v-39

I Elizabeth Gyles late of Winslow in the County of Bucks Widow the Relict and Executrix of William Gyles late of Winslow aforesaid Woollen draper deceased, being at present very much indisposed in bodily health at the dwelling house of my cousin Henry Perkins in Charles Street Westminster pastry cook, and of good and perfect mind memory and understanding praise be therefore given to Almighty God; and considering the uncertainly of this transitory Life, Doe make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say) First and principally I commend my Soul and Spirit unto God that gave it, Trusting for Salvation alone through the compleat Satisfaction and meritorious Intercession of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ my only Saviour and Redeemer And my Body in hope of a Joyfull Resurrection to Eternall Life  I committ to the Earth to be decently buryed at the discretion of my Executor herein after named  And as touching and concerning the distribution of my Worldly Estate I Will and dispose thereof in such manner as is herein after mentioned (that is to say)  Imprimis I Will that all such debts as (at the tyme of my decease) shall happen to be by me justly due and oweing unto any person or persons whomsoever together alsoe with the debts and Legacys of my said late husband deceased shall be well and truly paid by my said Executor herein after named within convenient time after my death; Item all my Household Goods and wearing apparrell I give and bequeath unto and betwixt my Mother Mrs Elizabeth Perkins and my sister Mrs Sarah Perkins Spinster to be equally divided betwixt them.  Item I give unto my Father Mr John Perkins the sum(m)e of one hundred pounds.  Item I give unto my said Sister Sarah Perkins the like sum(m)e of One hundred pounds.  Item I give unto my Cousin Mrs Hester Perkins (the now Wife of the aforesaid Henry Perkins pastry cook) the sum(m)e of Fifty pounds.  Item I give unto my aunt Mrs Mary Hodgskiss widow the sum(m)e of Ten pounds  Item I give unto my Cousin Mrs Maria King the like sum(m)e of Ten pounds.  Item I give unto my good friend Rebeccah Miller of Chesham in the County of Bucks widow the like sum(m)e of Ten pounds;  And my will and desire is That my Executor herein after named doe and shall well and truly pay the said severall Legacys or sum(m)es afore mentioned unto the severall persons aforenamed respectively within the tyme and space of one year next after my decease, by and out of the first moneys which shall happen to be by him recovered, obtained, and received  as due and oweing unto me by Bonds notes or otherwise from Mr Thomas Aldridge, Mr John Dudly, Mr Benjamin Dudly, Mr Robert Stop, my said cousin Henry Perkins and my Cousin William Perkins or any of them who are (at the time of the making of this my Will) justly indebted unto me in sundry considerable sum(m)es of money far surmounting in the whole the totall value of all the said Legacys hereby given and bequeathed as aforesaid unto the s(ai)d severall persons aforenamed, and hereby directed to be paid out therof as aforesaid.  Item all the rest residue and remainder of my estate I give devise and bequeath unto my brother Thomas Foster of Chesham in the County of Bucks aforesaid Grocer, and to his Executors Administrators and Assignes, to his and their own proper use and uses for ever.  Item I doe hereby make declare and appoint him the said Thomas Foster sole Executor of this my Will and Lastly I doe renounce revoke and make void all former and other wills whatsoever at any tyme or tymes heretofore by me made by word writing or otherwise howsoever  And doe make ordain publish and declare this and none else to be my true last and only Will and Testament.  In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the Fourteenth day of July in the fourth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord King George over Great Brtiain etc.  Annoque Domini 1718.  Eliz: Gyles

Signed sealed delivered published and declared by the said Mrs Elizabeth Gyles the Testatrix as and for her last and only Will and Testament in the presence of us; these words (or sum(m)es) being first interlined betwixt the one and twentith and two and twentith lines immediately after the word (Legacyes) on the said two and twentith Line.

Ann Parvin [or Sarvin] John Shaw  Saml Horsley Scr(ivener) at Whitehall

[Probate at London on 11 Aug 1718 to Thomas Foster executor]

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