Will of Abigail Glenister, 1686/7 (proved 1695)

Herts RO 132AW9

In the Name of god Amen I Abbyall Glennester being sick in Body but of good and perfect memry thankes be to god And Calling to mind the Uncertain Estate of this Transitory life and that all flesh must yield to death when it shall plese god to Call I do make Constitute ordain and Declare this to be my last will and Testament  In Mannor and form following  Revoking and Annulling by these presents all and Every Testament and Testaments will and wills heretofore by me maid and Declared either by word or by writing and this to be taken only for my last will and Testament and none other \and/ I first being penitent for my sins past desiring forgiveness for ye same I give and Commit my sole to god In whome I trust to be saved and to Inioy everlasting Life In ye Kingdom of Heaven And my Body to be decently buried were It shall plese my Executrixs here after named to appoint And for the setling of my Temporall Estate w(hi)ch god heath geven me I do order give give [sic] and dispose of the same  In Maner and form following  first I will that my Debts be paid within Convenient time after my death by my And I give And Bequoth to my tow Dawters Abbigall Glennester and Elizabeth Glennester all my Good and Chattells and all my Estate both reall and parsonall to them tow for ever And I give and beqeat(h) to my son Robert Glennester one shilling and I give to my sonn In law Willam Bense one shilling And I make my tow Dawters Abbigall and Elizabeth Glennester full and sole Executrixs of this my last will and Testament In wittnes here unto I heave set my hand and seale this 22 Day of March 1686/7

The Marke of Abbigall Glennestter

John Dixie 
Willam Danell his marke
Apphia Danell her marke

[Latin] Probate 28 May 1695 to Abigail and Elizabeth Glenister, executrices.
Sworn before me, John Croft.


Abigail was the widow of William Glenister d.1671. She married William on 30 July 1655. Her surname was given as Glenister, and she was the widow of William Glenister, weaver, of Shipton, d.1655 or earlier. There was a dispute about her dower at the 1656 manor court. She was buried on 27 March 1695: "Abigail Glenister of Shipton". The children mentioned in the will are: