Will of William Frauncis, 1557

Herts RO 6AR104

In the name of god amen anno domini 1557 xjdie Augustii.  I William Frauncis sycke in boddye and wholle in mynd praised be god do make this my last wille {will} & Testament in man(er) & forme folowynge first I bequethe my {my} soulle to allmyghtye \god/ and mye boddye to be burryd in the churche yard of saint Lawrencse in Wynslowe.  Item I bequethe to the mother churche of saint Albanes iiij d.  Item to the re heye aute(r) of my p(ar)ishe churche of saint Lawrancse in Wynslowe one boshelle of malte.  Item to Nycholas Geffes my balde cowe and to ev(er)ye of his chyldern one sheppe.  Item to Hue Bayleye my browne heffere & to the ij chyllderne (tha)t he hade by Jonne hysse wyffe ij shepe  Item to the children of Thomas Robynsonne my Rede heffere and ij sheppe. and to John Robynsonne  Item to the iij chilldrene of John Robynsonne iij sheppe and to John Robynsone a boushelle of whette and a boushelle of barleye.  Item to Maude Robynsone my blacke cowe boullocke and a sheppe.  Item to Alys Honore mye syster & to Agnes Geffes my lande of barleye apone Snowtts Halle to be

Equallye devyddyd betwyxe them. Item to eve(r)ye of my sisteres chilldrene  a sheppe & xij d a pese in monnye. It(em) to Benet Willsonne my godsonne ij sheppe and to the reste of my god chillderyne a sheppe a pese. The Ressydue of all my goodes not bequethyd my dettes payd my will fullfyllyd my boddye browght one erthe, I geyffe & bequethe to Jonne my wyffe whome I make my solle Executrixe to dispposse for ye hellthe of mye Soulle & all cristine soullese. Thomas Tomlyne & Robart Eliat to be ov(er)seeres and to have eche of theme xij d a pese and also Richard Snowe & he to have for his paynse ij s that he ys in dettyd to me Wyttnesses William Hatkynes William Parrat w(i)th others
Probatum xxxo die Octobris Anno Domini 1557

Inventory of William Frauncis, 1557

Herts RO A25/230

Winslow anno domini 1557 iiijo die octoberis

The invytotary of Wyllia(m) Fraunces goods lately decesyd praysed <by> Thomas Tomlyn Wylliam Hawkyns Ryc(har)d Snow & Wylliam Parrat

In primis in ye hawle a table a forme a chayre a bench bord a paynted clothe a ambre & a penne
v s
Item a salt seller iij candelstycks ij pewt(er) potts vij pewt(er) dysshes      
iij s iiij d
Item ij brasse potts ij brasse pannes ij ketylls \a payre of/ pott hoks & pot hangyngs a spytt and cobbards a fryeng pan a gredyern dysshes sponys & trenchers
xv s
Item in ye chamber iij mattresses ij bolsters ij cov(er)letts ij blanketts ij pyllows vij payr off shets a chest iij cofers iij bedsteds & paynted clothes ov(er) them & a bowt them
xxxiij s iiij d
Item a bowltyng vessel v tables a kyver & a trowgh
iij s
Item a lynnen whele & a woollen whele a basket & a scuttell ij syffes ij baggs a pycheforke & a drog forke
ij s
Item hys p(ar)te off corne & haye
v li
Item ij mares and hys p(ar)te off plow & carte   
xx s
Item ij kyen ij hecfors iij bollocks & ij calves
iiij li
Item xl shepe & lambys
iiij li
Item iij hogs  
x s
Item geesse & hens
iij s 
Item woll & yarn     
xx s
Item ye wodde in ye yarde        
v s 
Summa Totalis xix li xix s viij d


Hatkynes: i.e. Hawkins

ambre: i.e. aumbrey, cupboard.

scuttle: a basket for sifting or winnowing corn; a large shovel (OED).

hecfors: i.e. heifers.

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