Inventory of William Emerton, 1563/4

Herts RO A25/557


The Inventory of all the goods of William Emerton late of Winslow Deceased the xxixth of Marche pr(ays)d by Rich(ard) Edmonds Nicolas E[mer]ton Anthony Wedelborow Rob(er)t Webbe a(nn)o 1563

In primis a Cubbarde and a table one forme ij chayeres a yoyned stole
ij s
Ite(m) a brasse pan iiij kettells a pott a skylett
vj s viij d
Ite(m) iiij platters x pewt(er) dyshes & vj sawcers
x [d?]
Ite(m) iij pewter potts iij salt cellars a Dringkinge cupp and a chafyngdyshe
xx d
Ite(m) iiij Candelstycks a Dose(n) & halfe of tre(n)chers, a Dosen et Dim of spones, vj dishes and a skymmer
xviij d
Ite(m) iiij tubbes iij meles and a penne
xvj d
Ite(m) a grydyron a tryvett potthokes a frying pan a spytt w(i)th cobyrons
ij s xj d
Ite(m) paynted clothes yn the haule & chamber
xx d
Ite(m) a mattroys a flockbed and iiij bedsteades
v s
Ite(m) 3 4 keverings iij bla(n)ckets viij payer of shetes and iij table clothes
xiij s iiij d
Ite(m) ij table napkins & his apparell
x s
Ite(m) ij shotes, iij ducks xx hens & a cocke
vj s
Ite(m) a box 4 cofers and a knedinge tubbe
iii s
Ite(m) a payer of hapers
xvj d
Ite(m) ij sheyves an axe & ij busshell bags
xij d
Ite(m) iij li black wool x sleppes of yearne and a payer of sheres
iij s iiij d
Ite(m) vij dosen of shewes 4 dosen of lasse a cutting knyffe a ham(er) & drawer
lij[?] s
Ite(m) fyer wood vj bords w(i)th tressells haye & strawe
vj s viij d
Ite(m) iij smal flytches of bacon
v s
Ite(m) in p(re)sent mony
v s
Ite(m) vj butts of corne
x s
S(um)ma tot(alis)
vij li xiij s vj d


William Emerton seems primarily to have been a shoemaker. He was buried at Winslow on 28 March 1563/4.

et Dim = and a half

meles = barrels

keverings = coverings

sleppes: slip: "a certain quantity of yarn" (OED, slip, n.2, 11)

lasse: presumably lasts

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