Will of William Elyatt, clerk, of Wynslowe, 1528

Herts RO 2AR205

In the name of god Amen the yere of o(ur) lord god mdxxviij I William Elyatt clarke of hole mynde thankyd be god make & ordeyn my last will in this man(er) folowyng.  First I bequyth my sowle to almyghty god to o(ur) blessed lady & to all the holy co(m)pany of hevyn & my body to be buryed in the churchyard of saint Laurence of Wynslowe  It(e)m I bequethe to the high awter iiij d.  It(e)m to ev(er)y awt(er) in the church of saint Laurence iiij d.  It(e)m to the roode lyghts iiij d.  It(e)m to the bells iiij d.  It(e)m to the torches iiij d.  It(e)m to the mayntenance of the lampe in the chauncell xij d.  It(e)m to my sister Margarett my wyffs best gowne.  It(e)m to my other sister my wyffs best kyrtell.  It(e)m I bequethe to Richard my son (my detts payde) my howse & my lands in Wynslowe w(i)t(h) all my goods movable & unmovable and my broder John Boston to be myn Executor & to have the custodie of the said Richard my son & to occupy & lett the seid howse lands & goods till the said Richard my son shall come to age of discrec(i)on & then to delyv(er) them to hym w(i)t(h) all the p(ro)fits that shall come therof. And if my son dye w(i)t(h)out issue before he come to the age of discrec(i)on or aft(er) w(i)t(h)out issue that then the said howse lands & goods to be solde immediately by my brod(er) John Boston the Curatt & churchmen then beyng and the money therof com(m)yng to be disposed by the said John the Curatt & churchmen in charitable deeds for the welth of my sowle my frends sowles & all cristen sowles as they shall then be left and I make S(i)r Richard Stratton my goostly fad(er) sup(er)visor of this my last will to be obsur(ve)d.  Witness S(i)r Richard Stratton preest M(r) Henry Watts Tho(ma)s Graunt w(ith) div(er)s others.


Although William refers to his house and lands his death was not recorded in the Winslow court rolls, suggesting that his property was elsewhere.

my broder John Boston: John Boston was evidently William Elyatt's brother-in-law; either John's 2nd wife Agnes (widow of Thomas Janyn) was William's sister, or William's deceased wife was John's sister.

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