Administration of Egerton Cutler, clerk, 1720

Herts RO 157AW28

Know all men by these presents that I Sarah Cutler of Winslowe in the County of Bucks Widd(ow) and Relict of Egerton Cutler late of Winslowe aforesaid Clerke Dec(ease)d for Diverse Good Causes and Considerac(i)ons me hereunto especially moving Have Remised Renounced and for ever quitclaim and by these p(re)sents for me my heires Executo(rs) & Adm(ini)strat(or)s do Remise Renounce and forever quit Claime to all and all  manner of Right and power of admin(istrat)ion of the Goods Chattels Rights and Credits of the said Egerton Cutler my late husband Dec(ease)d as aforesaid  Intestate And that this my Renunc(ia)c(i)on may have its due effect  I do hereby empower & Authorize all & every Proctor and Proctors Reg(istrar) and Reg(istrar)s or other person or persons whatsoever whom this may any ways Concern to Cause & Procure  this my Renunciac(i)on to be Exhibited and make an Act of Court And I do hereby Ratifie and Confirme all & whatsoever he they or any of them shall in this behalfe do or Cause to be done In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of June Annoq(ue) D(omi)ni 1720

Sarah Cutler

Signed sealed and Delivered in
the p(re)sence of us being
first duly stampt

James Edmonds
Mark Morris

Administration bond [summarised from Latin and English]

Joseph Big of Winslow, bricklayer
Thomas Fennel of Harold, Beds, laceman
Richard Martin of St Albans
are bound to George Paul, official of the Archdeaconry, for £200, 16 March 1720.

Joseph Big, principal creditor and administrator of the goods of Egerton Cutler of Winslow, clerk, is to present the inventory by 30 Sep 1720 and accounts by 31 March 1722.

Jos Bigg
Thomas Fenill
Richd Martin

Sealed and delivered in the presence of
John Fothergill
John Cole


The first part of this document is Egerton Cutler's widow's renunciation of the estate, presumably because his debts outweighed his assets.

Egerton Cutler came to Winslow in 1716 as vicar. According to Oxford University Alumni, he was son of Sir Thomas Cutler of Lechlade, Gloucs, born 20 July 1678, and matriculated at Queen's College 11 Dec 1696. He was chaplain to the Duke of Marlborough in Flanders, and became vicar of Elmsted, Kent, in 1708 (he left there to come to Winslow). According to Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain (1838) 4.689, he married Mary Lipton of Oxford (d.c.1710 in the Low Countries) and had a son Egerton and two daughters Maria and Anne. With his second wife Sarah, he had a son Henry(?), bap. at Winslow 12 July 1719. He was not buried at Winslow. On 2 April 1720 James Edmonds signed the parish register as vicar.

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