Will of Geoffrey Cowper of Shipton, 1504

Herts RO 2AR115v

[Translated from Latin]

In the name of God amen on 20 August AD 1503 I Geoffrey Cowp(er) of Shypton, a parishioner of Wynslowe, sound of mind and of healthy memory, make my will in this way. First I bequeath my soul to God the father almighty, the Blessed Mary and all the saints, and my body to be buried in the churchyard of the parish church of St Laurence of Wynslow aforesaid. Item I bequeath to the high altar for tithes forgotten two bushels of wheat. Item I bequeath to St Laurence one bushel of wheat. Item I bequeath to the repair of the new pulpit eight bushels of malt. Item I bequeath to each altar in the aforesaid church one bushel of malt. To the four bells 12d, and the same amount to the torches. The residue indeed of all my goods not bequeathed above I give and bequeath to Margaret my wife for the term of her life only, and afterwards the reversion of Margaret herself to remain to the one of my sons most generous in conducting himself with good deeds to his mother, at the choice of Margaret herself, the younger as well as the elder if he survives to full age, or otherwise to either of my sons living longer. And to carry out this will well and faithfully I ordain, make and appoint the aforesaid Margaret my true principal executrix and with her Richard Jay (and) John Hawkyns my true executors. And Richard Willows and Thomas Cowp(er) my brother my supervisors, to dispose for my sould as will seem to them most expedient. Before witnesses: Master George Brown, curate, and Roger Clerk with others, the day and year written above.

[Probate 1 Jan 1503/4 to the executors]


Geoffrey was the elder son of William, d.1481.

wheat: triticum rather than the usual frumentum.

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