Will of Robert Brasehede, husbandman, 1565 (proved 1566)

Herts RO 6AR293

In dei no(m)i(n)e Amen the xxiiij daye of August Anno Regni Regine d(omi)ne n(ost)re 1565 I Robert Brasehede of Winslowe in the countie of Buc(ks) husbondeman beinge wholl in bodye and of p(er)fett remembarance thanks be to god, do make this my last will and Testament in manner and forme Followinge  Fyrst I do co(m)mend my soulle into the hands of allmyghtie god my maker and my bodye to be buryed in the churche yarde  Item I geve unto Mary my wyffe my browen cowe and my blacke cowe and all mye houssehold stoffe and all my corne  Item I geve to William my sonne my whytt cowe withe v yowes and v lambes when he comethe to the adge of xviij yeres  Item I geve to Katheringe my doughter xij sheppe  Item to Agnes mye doughter viij shepe when she come to the age of xvj yeres and yf anye of my children do dye before other befor(e) the saide age that then his or her p(ar)te  so dyinge shalbe equalye devided amonge the rest so livinge  Item I geve to Maryan [....] a newe lambe  Item I geve to the poore pepoll of Winslowe xij d  All the rest of my goods and cattell not here bequethed I geve to Marye my wyffe whom I do make my sole executrix of this my laste will and testament  Wittnes Richard Ed[mo?]nde William Adames and Willi(a)m Layne withe others

Inventory of Robert Brassed, husbandman, 1565

Herts RO A25/615

An Inventory of all & sing(u)ler goods of Rob(er)t Brassed of Winslow in the Countie of Bucks husbanma(n) deceased the xxviijth of August a(nn)o dom(i)n(i) 1565. p(ray)ced by Richard Hyll, Nicholas Em(er)ton, Rob(er)t Webbe, Will(i)am Adams, Will(i)am Lane & Anthon(y) Wendelborow

ye haule  
In p(ri)mis iij kettles and a brasse potte
iiij s
It(em) iij pewter platters & ij candelsticks
ij s
Item an Ambrye, a table & a forme
ij s
Item a Spitt, Cobyrons & hangings
x d
Item a woollen whele
viij d
a paynted clothe
vj d
ye Chamb(er)
Item ij bedsteades & iij Cofers
iij s iiij d
Item iiij payre of sheetes
v s
Item one bolstare
xij d
ye yearde
Item in wheate and barley
xiij s iiij d
Item yn haye
v s
Item the wood
iiij [s]
Item ij kyne and a heifore
xl s
item xxx shepe & xx lambs
iiij li iij s iiij d
Item ij Stocks of Bees
xvj d
S(u)m(m)a tot(alis) viij li vj s iiij d

[Latin] Presented by the executrix on 17 June 1566. Signed: J. Easte, off(icialis).

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Detts w(hi)ch the w(i)thin named Rob(er)t Brassed dyd owe at the tyme of his death by his owne Confession

In p(ri)mis to Richard Hill
ij s vj d
Item to John Graunt
iiij s
It(em) to Anthony Wendelborow
xij d
It(em) to Edward Overinge
vj s viij d
Item to Henry Mallett
xvj d
It(em) to Margett Hardinge
xij s
S(u)m(m)a tot(alis) xxvijs vjd