Will of Johan Blott of Wynslow, 1535

Herts RO 2AR235

In dei nomine amen anno domini mo dxxxvto octavo die mensis Augusti I Johan Blott of Wynslow late the wyff of Symon Blott make my last wyll in this man(er) folowyng.  First I bequethe [my] soule to almyghty god to o(ur) blessid lady & to all the holy company of hevyn & my bod[y to be] buryed in the churchyard of saint Laurence of Wynslow.  It(e)m I am content w(i)t(h) the ord[er?] taken bytwen Will(ia)m Taylor of Leyton & Symon Blott wytnes hereof John Wendylbor[owe] Thomas Davy & Will(ia)m Legatt.  It(e)m I bequethe to Rob(er)t Masons wyff my husbands best [---] gown. It(e)m to Robert Mason a sherte.  It(e)m to my mother my best gown & iiij pairs of shets & iij pecs of pewter.  It(e)m to Margarett my syster my best kyrtyll & a pair of shets a brasyn pott & a pan.  It(e)m to Alice my syst(er) my best payle a pair of glovys of chamlett & a kyrchyff.  It(e)m to Richard my brother a pott & a brass pan.  It(e)m to Isabell my syst(er) a pott & a pair of shets.  It(e)m to Anne my syst(er) a cawdron & a ketyll.  It(e)m my husbands wyll to be fulfyllid.  It(e)m to my fatherolaw a coote.  It(e)m I do make myn executors John Wendylborow & Thomas Davy.  And all other of my goods (my detts payde) to be at the distribucion & pleasur of myn executors before namyd.  These be wytnes John Wendylborow Thomas Davy Will(ia)m Legatt & S(i)r Robert Wheteley.

[Probate granted 4 October 1535]


payle = pall: a robe, cloak or mantle of rich fabric (OED, s.v. pall II.5)

chamlett = camlet: a costly eastern fabric made of the hair of the Angora goat (OED)

There is no record of the will of Simon Blott being proved at St Albans or the PCC. Joan's original surname is so far unidentified. Note the unique lack of bequests to the church - perhaps she thought her husband had already left it enough.