Will of William Blake of London, 1632

London Metropolitan Archives: Commissary Court of London

T(estamentu)m Willimi Blake p(ro)bat(um) 17° Maii 1632

Mony due to mee William Blake From my master Lumlye and others
CR                                                                                   l    s    d
For this last yeares wages                                             6 – 0 – 0
Left Unpayde of A Former yeares wages                       1 – 0 – 0
of A reckoning of seven pownds                                    3 – 0 – 0
For eight sheepe at viijs a peece                                   3 – 4 – 0
                                                                                       l    s    d
R pd the 18th of May in part hearof                               5 – 0 – 0

Other mony goods and A bond due unto mee by Lewyse
                                                                                       l    s    d
One Bond of fyve pownds from John Bond         
From William Smyth                                                        0 – 5 – 0

Syxe Ewes and Lambs
Two or three lambs beetwixt mee and Peeter  
in mony by mee                                                               9 – 0 – 0

A poore horse beetwixt my selfe and Robert Greene

I gyve out of this aforsayd mony and goods unto my godsone William Mylton xxs and one Ewe and Lambe, one lambe bet wyth two olde suites of aparrell unto Thomas Blake of Essex, A Coloured hatt and band to Elyas Gunner  unto Dorcas Bond xs unto the foure menn and foure maydes every one a payre of gloves

I gyve of Edward mony I have in my truncke unto my Father xxtye Edward Shillings and my gray Coate To my Syster Blake one Edward peece of vs and another to my Syster Fyge with the Ringe on my Finger

The charges above Specifyed wyth that which shall bee layd out for my Funerall is to be payd out of the mony above named, that which remaynes I gyve unto my Brothers valentyne Fyge and Thomas Blake and the Twentye marckes left by my godfather if yt bee due to my heires or exsequitors to bee equaly devyded beetwyxt them for the good of theire Children my Sword wyth a bevor hatt A deske Truncke and Box and whatsoever is therin wyth my aparrell and other things I gyve to the disposinge of my Brother Fyge in wytrnesse of the truth of this deed I sett my name this xxviijth of may
The marke of mee William Blake
wytnessed by mee AM

I will that the charges I put my brother Fyge to in the tyme of my sicknes either for phisicke or otherwyse that hee pay himselfe out fo the mony above specifyed and xxs which is owing mee from my Brother Thomas is part of that mony which is to bee payd fourth of the mony remaininge above wrightten to bee devyded beetwixt him and my Brother Fyge

[Grant of probate in Latin] 16 May 1632 to Valentine Fyge, one of the legatees named in the will, to administer the goods according to the tenor of the will because no executor was named.


William Blake's sister married Valentine Fyge, London apothecary born in Winslow (see Fyge family). The Blakes appear to have come from Staffs originally. William's will does not provide many clues about what he was doing in London.

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