Will of John Bampton of Little Horwood, yeoman, 1667

National Archives, PROB 11/325/209

In The name of God Amen I John Bamton of Little Horwood in the County of Bucks yeoman this Five and Twentieth day of September in the yeare of our Lord God 1667, and in the Nyneteenth yeare of our Soveraigne Charles by the grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland defendor of the Faith as in manner and forme fol(ow)ing First I bequeath my soule \un/to Almighty God my maker hopeing assuredly to be made partaker of life everlasting through the meritts of Jesus Christ my Saviour And my body to the earth from whence it came And my personall Estate as I shall dispose of it And it is my full desire to be buried in the Church att Alesbery Imprimis To my sister Margrett I give to hur the same land which was tied to hur for hur portion by my father Henry Bampton I give to my sister Jane the same land which was expressed in my Fathers will for hur portion And for my Sister Jose I have paid her Fifty five pounds in part of hur portion And for the Bonde which be due to me from Bengemen Dering to macke up the residue And what remaines to my mother Bamton paying Six pounds to Mr Thomas Hoar of London Fifty pounds I owe to John Gurney[?] of Aelseberi And Tenn pounds to the widow Leay of Adstocke and Fifty
shillings to Mrs Egerton and Fifty shillings to Mrs Butler And I tye a Bonde of Threescore and Tenn pounds for the performance of that money which is due to me from Richard Leay of Padberi for my liveing att Ford I give to my beloved Wife Elizabeth Bamton And to the ares of our Two bodyes for ever Excepted that my wife has noe issue by me then to Joseph Frior my brother in Law and the heires of his wife Sisly for ever paying my beloved wife Twenty Six pounds yearly by equall port()ons The one moiety upon Nyne and Twentieth day of September And the other moiety upon the Five and Twen(tie)th day of March And for my liveing att Walton I give to my beloved wife Elizabeth Bamton and hur heires for ever lawfull begotten of theire Two bodyes And for lacke of such issue To the heires of my sisters Children which are now borne or shalbe hereafter by equall portions And for my personall Estate I give to my beloved wife Elizabeth Bampton And make hur my full and Sole Executor And for the eight Acres of Land I give to my mother Bampton dureing hir naturall life and noe longer I desire my brother Josepth Friar of Alesberi and William Grace Junior of Cublington to be Overseers of this my last will and Testament I renounce all former wills made by me ever formerly.

John Bampton

Sealed in the presence of us         John Bletchley  Henry Smith       Benjamin Deearing

[Probate granted on 17 October 1667 to Elizabeth Bampton relict of the deceased.]

Lawsuits of Elizabeth Bampton, 1669

National Archives, E112/364/96 & 97

97. Complaint dated 6 Feb 21 Charles II [1669]. It concerned John Bampton's administration of the will of his father Henry (of Walton in Aylesbury) and his undertaking to pay £100 to his sister Joice, now married to William Grace.

98. Elizabeth rented some land in Little Horwood from Robert Willett (Williatt) of Addington and his brother(-in-law?) William Illing, for three years at a time according to the custom of the manor. She said they wanted to turn her out after she had the expense of manuring and fencing the land. According to the answer of Williatt and Illing, it was John who first made the arrangement.

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