Will of Stephen Asshewell, 1460

Herts RO 1AR97

[translated from Latin]

In, etc. 12 June 1460 I Stephen Asshewell of Wynselowe, sound etc. First I bequeath my soul etc. Item I bequeath to the high altar 4d. Item to each light of the said church 2d. Item I bequeath to the torches of the same church 4d. The residue etc. And to this will etc. I appoint Joan my wife and Donatus Aleyn my executors etc.

[Probate 25 Sep]


In 1459 Stephen Asshewelle handed over to his wife Joan all his remaining holdings: 2 adjacent cottages next to the churchyard and 2 acres of land. John and Helen Hoggeston of Shipton had the reversion after Joan's death, and would maintain the holdings during her life (WMCB p.700).

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