Will of Donatus Alen, 1471

Herts RO 2AR6

[Translated from Latin; the ends of the lines on the right are missing]

In etc. On 24 November AD 1471 I Donatus Alen of Wynselowe sound of mind make my will etc. First I bequeath my soul to God the father almighty etc. and my body to be buried in the churchyard [of the church] of St Laurence of Wynselowe aforesaid. Item I bequeath to the high altar 12d. Item I bequeath to the altar of St Mary in the church iiij d [Item] to the altar of St Mary in purification iiij d. Item to the altar of St Nicholas iiij d Item to the altar of St Thomas the martyr iiij d. Item I bequeath for the repair in general of the bells 6s 8d. Item I bequeath for the maintenance of the torches xl d. The residue etc. I give and bequeath to my executrix. And Margaret my wife I ordain, make and appoint my executrix to dispose for my soul and the souls of all the faithful.


Donatus Aleyn and Margaret his wife bought a messuage and 9 acres in Winslow from William and Isabella Newman in 1455 (WMCB p.686). They also acquired 1½ acres from Margaret Albyn in 1453-5 (pp.666, 679). The surname does not occur otherwise in the 15th century and Donatus was probably a newcomer.

Margaret died in 1502 according to the Court Rolls, when she was Margaret Buryman. She and Donatus had a son John.


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