Winslow Oral History Project

Interview summaries

After each oral history interview we produce a 'summary', here in PDF form, that is easy to read and tells you all the subjects covered in the interview. It is not a verbatim report but is very detailed. Click on the name for the summary.

When you have read the summary you may want to listen to part or all of the interview. You will be able to listen to the full interviews at Winslow Public Library from early 2013. Clips from some of the interviews are also available in MP3 format (links in the column on the right).

Date of interview
21 May 2012 MP3
19 April 2011
20 Aug 2011
28 March 2012 MP3
1 March 2012 MP3
25 Oct 2012 MP3
6 June 2012 MP3
31 May 2011
3 December 2012 MP3
26 May 2011
31 Jan 2012
3 Feb 2011
21 June 2012 MP3

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