Subsidy, 1663

Folger Shakespeare Library, V.a.193

This list was included in a small volume with some other manorial documents. It appears to have belonged to Simon and John Hogson, 1662 and Charles Bowler, 1763. Read the full entry in the Folger Library Catalogue.

The Subsidy was the main form of parliamentary taxation awarded to Charles II. It was only paid by the wealthiest, who were assessed on land or income. All the entries in this list are marked "ter", meaning they were assessed on their land. Martha Janes was the owner of Biggin Farm. She and the next two on the list did not live in Winslow.

A Note of the subsidie mens names in Winslowe and Shipton 1663

Mrs Martha Janes 50s
John Townsend 40
Mr Halfpenny 20
Silvester Claver 20
Edmund Paxon 20
Robert Lowndes 20
John Henley 20
Richard Phipes 20
William Bignell 20
William Townesend 20
William Spooner 20

Thus they were assessed by Robert Lowndes John Henley Richard Phypes John Hogson & John Wates

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