Ridgway (Ridyard, Rigard)

Information provided by Alan Ridgway

The Herts Genealogist and Antiquary vol.III (by William Brigg, Harpenden, 1899) includes details of marriage licences granted to applicants living in Herts and neighbouring counties. It includes (p.374) this entry for 1713.

July 20. John Dudley, of Winslow, Co. Buckingham, batchelor, aged about 22 years, son of Benjamin Dudley and Ann Bigg of the same, aged about 22, with consent of her mother Ann Bigg, at Winslow. Robert Rigard alias Ridgway of Winslow, laceman, and William Hunt of St Albans, pipe maker, sureties. [See below for an image of the licence.]

Winslow parish register shows that Thomas Ridyard married Mary Meekes (10 Dec. 1681). Their other children baptised at Winslow were:
William, 31 Dec. 1683
Mary, 25 June 1686
Esther, 27 June 1688
Anthony, 19 Sep. 1690
Thomas was previously married to another Mary who was "buried in woollen" on 22 Sep. 1681. Their children baptised at Winslow were:
Thomas, 17 Dec. 1675
Robert, 11 Sep. 1677
John, 15 Jan. 1679
Thomas was buried in woollen on 16 Nov. 1693, when he is described as "Parish Clark".

William Ridyard, baptised 1683, married first Dinah (buried 21 June 1714) and secondly (4 Nov. 1714) Hester Norcott. "Hester D of Wllm & Hester Rigard" was baptised 4 Sep. 1715, showing that Rigard and Ridyard are the same surname.

Robert Ridyard, baptised 1677, is presumably Robert Rigard / Ridgway the laceman, surety of the 1713 marriage. He married Mary Nailer of Gawcott by licence on 19 Dec. 1717. His nephew William Ridgway of Thornborough, who married Martha Lane at Swanbourne on 16 June 1757, was also a dealer in lace, and so were William's son Matthew and grandson Charles, a draper at Leighton Buzzard.

The marriage licence signed by Robert Ridgway



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