Return of owners of land, 1873

This return was compiled by the Local Government Board from existing records of rateable values. It was organised by county, but only gave the address of each owner and not the location of their land, so it does not provide a full list of who owned land in Winslow, and the people whose address was Winslow sometimes owned land elsewhere (notably S.B. Dudley). It was sometimes referred to as the "modern Domesday", but many inaccuracies were found.

Because most of the land in Winslow stll belonged to the Selby-Lowndes estate, no-one else owned much more than 100 acres.

Name Address Extent of lands Estimated gross rental value
Cross, Ann    Winslow   85a 1r 13p    £135 0s
Cross, George, Exrs of  Winslow 104a 3r 19p £169 1s
Cross, G.T.        (Winslow) 13a 2r 25p £40 0s
Cross, Rev. John   Mursley 240a 1r 6p £459 10s
Dudley, Saml B.        Winslow 580a 0r 29p £1,229 1s
French, T.L.  [=J.L.]    Winslow 9a 3r 30p £141 0s
Gent, Miss      Winslow 4a 0r 18p £12 10s
Ingram, T.W. [=J.W.]       Winslow 2a 0r 32p £36 0s
Jones, Mrs [Rachel?] Winslow 14a 2r 0p £50 0s
Jones, Robert W.    Winslow 157a 2r 9p £315 17s
Jones, Silvanus    Winslow 78a 3r 31p £158 10s
Jones, W.J.        Winslow 24a 3r 14p £155 2s
King, George  Winslow 118a 3r 14p £325 17s
King, James      Winslow 2a 3r 17p £52 4s
King, John      Winslow 6a 0r 30p £83 10s
Lowndes, E.W. Selby  Winslow 158a 1r 5p £391 2s
Lowndes, Wm Selby Whaddon Hall 7,537a 1r 28p £11,923 4s
Maydon, Geo.  Winslow 7a 2r 17p  £69 11s
Monk, Henry   Winslow 79a 2r 33p £253 9s
Morecraft, Emma      Winslow 10a 0r 39p £58 10s
Morecraft, Mary G.  Winslow 35a 2r 34p £177 12s
Poor, Trustees of   Winslow 9a 1r 9p £14 1s
Preston, Rev. A.M.       Winslow 111a 2r 30p  £309 10s
Railway Co., L. & N.W.  Euston Square  450a 3r 17p  £65,590 12s
School, Trustees of [Rogers] Winslow 28a 2r 0p £40 0s
West, Miss  Winslow 33a 2r 11p  £125 0s
Wigley, G.D.E. Winslow 2a 2r 7p £10 0s
Wigley, Henry      Winslow 7a 2r 38p £138 0s
Willis, D.T.       Winslow 89a 0r 21p £556 16s
Willis, T.P.        Winslow 11a 1r 1p £91 5s
Wilmore, Richard    Winslow 1a 1r 20p £30 0s
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