Religious Census, 1851

This Census was taken on Sunday 30 March, along with the main census. Returns were submitted by the minister or deacon of each place of worship. Winslow's total population was 1,889.

Parish Church

Ancient Parish Church consecrated before 1800

Endowed [i.e. vicar's income]: Land £211, Glebe £1, Other Permanent Endowment £4, Fees £18, Easter Offering £1 6s, Other Sources £3.

Free Sittings 160, Other Sittings 362, Total 522.

On 30 March Morning General Congregation 300 + Sunday Scholars 200
Afternoon General Congregation 236 + Sunday Scholars 200
<Evening> General Congregation 296

Dated 31 March. Signed W.W. McCreight, Vicar.

Particular or Strict Communion Baptists Calvinistic

Meeting house or old meeting in a secluded nook approached by a passage from Horn Street. Erected 1695; has been partially altered; separate, standing in a burial ground; exclusive.

Free Sittings 100, no others.

On 30 March Morning General Congregation 34
Afternoon General Congregation 10
Evening General Congregation 28
No Sunday School
Average Attendance during previous 12 months: morning 30, evening 30

This place was the first Nonconformist place of worship in the Town - and marks of the persecuting spirit of the age are still to be seen.

Dated 31 March. Signed Wm Matthews sr, Senior Deacon, Builder.

Independent or Congregational Chapel

Erected 1829, on the site of one in 1816; separate; exclusive.

Free Sittings 80, Other Sittings 210.

On 30 March Morning General Congregation 141 + Sunday Scholars 52
Afternoon General Congregation 50 + Sunday Scholars 48
Evening General Congregation 186
Average Attendance: morning 160+55, afternoon 50+50, evening 260

The Smaller attendance on the 30th March might {be} arise from the absence on that day of the Settled Minister.

Dated 31 March. Signed Joshua Lewin French, Deacon, Grocer and Ironmonger.

Taken from E. Legg (ed.), Buckinghamshire Returns of the Census of Religious Worship 1851 (Bucks Record Society no.27, 1991).

The returns for Drayton Parslow, Hoggeston and Swanbourne Particular Baptist Chapels were signed by John Dumbleton, Minister, Winslow.

The return for Tattenhoe Church is signed by Mark Kerr, Minister, Winslow.



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