Register of electors for Bucks, 1784

There had been no contested election in Bucks since 1734 (see poll books 1701-34). Two Winslow residents who voted elsewhere have been traced. William Patten, with property at Rickmansworth voted in the 1774 Herts election, and John Howes with property at Clanfield voted for the Tory candidates in the 1754 Oxon election.

Name Abode Freehold Occupier / tenant (own occupation unless stated) Voted for
Bigg Richard Leighton House Richard Barton Verney, Grenville
Blake William Winslow House Thomas Newman Verney, Grenville
Burnham James Winslow Land   Grenville, Aubrey
Cocks John Winslow Land   Verney
Gibbs Robert Winslow Land   Verney, Grenville
Goodman John Winslow House & land   Verney, Grenville
Ingram Benjamin E. Claydon Land Robert Gibbs Verney
Lowndes William Selby Winslow House & land   Verney
Mayne William Winslow Land   Verney, Grenville
Turner William Winslow House John Bunce Grenville, Aubrey

Winslow had remarkably few electors because you had to have freehold property, and nearly all property in Winslow was copyhold.

The candidates and overall result (the first two were elected) were:

21 Apr. 1784 William Wyndham Grenville 2261
  John Aubrey 1740
  Ralph Verney, Earl Verney 1716

Earl Verney of Claydon House was one of the sitting members but lost support because he backed Charles James Fox; he was also in a very bad financial position. Aubrey was a follower of William Pitt the Younger, the beneficiary of George III's overthrow of the Fox-North coalition. Grenville was the younger brother of Earl Temple of Stowe.

For more on the constituency and this election see History of Parliament.

The full electoral index for Bucks, transcribed by Sue O'Neill, is available online.

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