Manor court, 1757

There are no known court rolls for 1757. The entry below is from a collection of notes about repaid mortgages

Centre for Bucks Studies, D/BASM/84/10

The Manor of Winslow and its Members in the County of Bucks
The twenty fourth day of March 1757

Be it Remembred That on the Day and Year above written Thomas Scott of Maids Morton in the County of Bucks Husbandman came before me Ferdinando Southam Gent Deputy Steward of the Manor aforesaid and
acknowledged to be fully satisfied contented and paid as well in the Sum of Eighty Pounds and all Interest for the same due and payable by the Condition of a certain Surrender formerly made from one Hugh Thorpe (since dec(eas)ed) to the said Thomas Scott As also in the Sum of One hundred and Eighty Six Pounds fifteen Shillings and five pence for Principal and Interest money due and payable by the Condition of one other Surrender bearing date on or about the twenty nineth day of October One thousand Seven hundred and fifty four and made from William Norwood and Elizabeth his wife to the said Thomas Scott In Witness whereof as well the said Thomas Scott as I the said Deputy Steward have hereunto Set our Hands

The mark of Thomas Scott

[signed] Ferd(inand)o Southam Dep(uty) Steward

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