Special Court Baron, 6-8 January 1753

British Library, Add.Ch.53998

Original in English.

Manor of Winslow with its Members
Special Court Baron of Richard Lowndes Esq. Saturday 6 January 1753 and by adjournment Monday 8 January 26 George II by William Duncombe gent. steward

Homage: Thomas Blake gent., Thomas Tatham, John Bailey and George Clarke

William Gyles late of Tingwick gent. but now of Northampton, by Edward Bloxham of Stony Stratford his attorney appointed by letter dated 30 Dec 1752, surrendered:

to all which Premisses William Gyles was admitted at the Court Baron on 27-28 Oct 1747 upon the death of his father Daniel Gyles.

To the use of such person as my Attorney shall think fit and proper against whom a good and perfect common Recovery may be had for cutting off all Intails and barring all Remainders, to be then surrendered to Robert Lowndes of Great Brickhill Esq.

[recites property - document damaged]

He surrenders to Rebecca Thompson. Samuel Luke complains about 6 messuages, 10 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, 10 acres of pasture. Rebecca calls to warrant William Gyles who calls William Gibbs.

[f.2r] All surrendered to the use of Robert Lowndes of Great Brickhill Esq. Rent 4s 4d, fine £2 12s 6d.

On 8 Jan William Gyles and Sarah his wife, who was examined by Edward Bloxham gent., deputy steward, surrendered as above.

End of this court

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Court baron, 23-24 October 1753

This copy of a court roll entry has been preserved separately; the roll for this court is lost.

Court Baron of Richard Lowndes Esq. held 23-24 October 1753 before William Duncombe gent. steward

Robert Gibbs of Winslow, malster, and Jane his wife, formerly Jane Hurst, surrendered:

To the use of Samuel Luke of Berkhamsted gent., who sought admission.

Procedure of common recovery: Ferdinand Southam gent. complains against Samuel Luke on a plea of land: two messuages, one garden, one orchard, one barn, 4 acres of land, 4 acres of meadow, 4 acres of pasture. Robert and Jane vouch James Burnham. Thomas Woollard bailiff caused seisin to be delivered to Ferdinando. All surrender to Ferdinando. He surrenders to Robert and Jane for their lives and to the heir of the survivor. Robert and Jane surrender to their own use and behoof.

Jane had inherited this property (on the future Arundel House site) from her uncle Richard Hurst of Addington in 1751, before her marriage to Robert Gibbs. The close was later part of the Flower Show Field.

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