Court baron, 18 May 1728

Centre for Bucks Studies D97/104/1/18

The records of this court have not survived but the following (summarised from Latin) is a copy of court roll concerning one transaction..

Manor of Winslowe with members. Court Baron of Richard Lowndes esq., held there on 18 May 1 George II 1728 by John Markham gent, steward there.

To this court came Elizabeth Glenester widow, John Glenester & Mary his wife, customary tenants, and surrendered all that messuage or tenement scituate in the Sheep Street of Winslowe now in the occupation of the said John Glenester. To the benefit and use of Daniel Gyles junior, his heirs and assigns forever. Daniel, present in court, sought to be admitted. Rent [blank].

[Procedure of common recovery] Richard Shelton complained against Daniel. Elizabeth Glenester was called to warrant. John and Mary were called to warrant. John Thompson was called to warrant. William Gibbs, minister of the court, delivered seisin.

All surrendered to the benefit and use of Jonathan Townesend, his heirs and assigns forever, on condition that if Elizabeth and John and Mary pay him £20 10s on 18 November next, the surrender will be to the benefit of Elizabeth for the term of her life and after her decease to the benefit of John.

William Glenister made a surrender of this cottage, presumably on his deathbed, in 1727.

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