Court baron, 16 March 1667/8

Centre for Bucks Studies D175/12

Originals in Latin apart from words shown in "...". Only entries concerning Winslow have been summarised here, apart from the lists of jurors and defaulters which also include Little Horwood and Granborough.

Manor of Winslow with members. Court Baron of the most noble George, Duke, Marquis and Earl of Buckingham, Earl of Coventry, Viscount Villiers, Baron Whaddon of Whaddon, master of horse of the most serene lord king, Knight of the Garter, Privy Councillor, lord of the manor, 16 March 20 Charles II 1667.

Homage: Thomas Godwyn, Andrew Stutsbury, Peter Lownds, John Godwin, Francis Glenister, William Glenister, Benedict Holland at the Pound
Thomas Mountague, John Stevens at the new house, John Holland, Joseph Cox, Henry Pitkin, John Fuller

Robert Lownds and Elizabeth his wife surrendered 60½ acres in the fields of Winslow:

To the use of Edward Palmer. Rent 15s 1½d, fine £6 1s.

Robert Lownds and Elizabeth his wife, customary tenants, surrendered:

To the use of Edward Palmer, on condition that the surrender will be void if Robert pays him at his dwelling house in Dukes Place, London £106: £3 on 17 Sep next and £103 on 18 March following. Rent 2s 9d, fine £1 2s.

[f.1v] Henry Stevens surrendered 5 acres of arable (excepting the common belonging to it) in the fields of Grandborough. To the use of Thomas Mountague jr, who sought admission through Thomas Mountague sr his father. Rent 1s 3d, fine 10s.

[f.2r, different hand] John Norman on 26 Oct 1666 surrendered by William Glenister and Richard Shelton 4 acres of arable in the fields of Winslow. To the use of Francis Glenister. Rent 1s, fine 8s, heriot by composition 5s.

Hugh Seaton surrendered a messuage in Winslow with yards and buildings now or late in his own possession. To the use of John Seaton. Rent 1s, heriot by composition 2s 6d, fine 5s.

Daniel Beadles, customary tenant, and Ann his wife surrendered a cottage with barns, stables, gardens and orchards in Sheepe street in which he now lives. to the use of Thomas Smallbones and Ann his wife for their lives, then to Thomas' heirs. Rent 6d, fine 5s.

Richard Udding surrendered a cottage and 8 acres in Winslow now in his own occupation. To his own use for his life. After his decease, concerning 4 acres:

To the use of William Uddinge, Richard's son, and Margaret Moore. Concerning the cottage and the other 4 acres, to the use of William and Margaret and the heirs of their bodies. For default of such heirs to William's rightful heirs. Provided that the surrender will be void if Margaret Moore does not surrender in due form in the court for the manor of [blank] in "Easter Weeke" next a cottage and 3 acres in Gakcott now in her possession, to the use of Richard and his heirs and assigns. Rent 2s, heriot by composition 10s when it arises, fine 16s.

[f.3r, different hand, concerns Granborough; Wendover Lownds involved in a procedure of common recovery]

[f.3v] John Henly surrendered his messuage in Winslow in the occupation of himself and one Abraham Day, with 5½ acres of arable, pasture and meadow in the fields of Winslow [=Shipton]:

To the use of Paul Alden of Newton Longville gent. On condition that the surrender will be void if John Henly pays him £92 12s [sic]: £4 4s on 18 March 1668 and 1669 and £74 4s on 18 March 1670. Rent 16½d, fine 11s.

John Crawley and Mary his wife and Thomas Smallbones and Ann his wife, customary tenants, surrendered a cottage in the Market Place [Foro] of Winslow in John's tenure. To the use of Daniel Beadles and Ann his wife for their lives, then to Daniel's heirs. Rent 9d, fine 5s, heriot by composition 12s.

The records of the October 1668 court don't seem to have survived.

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