Manor court, 1525

Centre for Bucks Studies D/BASM/84/5

This paper extract from a court roll was made in the early 17th century. It has been translated in full from the Latin. The number at the end presumably shows that it was part of a series.

Wynslowe.  View of frankpledge with court held there on Tuesday before Whitsun in the 17th year of King Henry VIII [30 May 1525], in the time of the lord Thomas [Wolsey] the Cardinal, Archbishop of York and perpetual Commendator of the exempt monastery of St Alban.

Wynslowe: John Palmer, Thomas Myller, Richard Edmonds, Thomas Thomlyn, Thomas Sponer, Robert Williot sworn
Shipton: William Thomlyn, Richard Snowe, Walter Graunt, Thomas Eliot, William Elbirr, Hugh Hawkyns
John Couper, Edward Holonde, Richard Capinrste [pencil note: Capynhurst], Thomas Pitkyn, Henry Eliott

Common fine.  The jurors report that they gave the lord King as the common fine this day in fixed payment 48s 8d; not paid.  Therefore it was ordered that a great distraint of the whole lordship should be taken.

The rest of the presentations of this view of frankpledge is omitted in this copy.

A halimote was held there on the date written above, of which essoins and defaults (are) on paper.  A proclamation was made as in the previous courts etc.

Ordinance about Little Horwood: It was ordained and agreed by the lord seneschal and the whole homage that Robert Willyott and John Couper will have full authority and power to take all and singular deathbed surrenders in the absence of the bailiff, jointly and severally in the presence of two tenants or two honest men.  And those surrenders so taken by them are to be certified individually at the next general court, or otherwise to be void.

It was ordered to seise into the lord’s hands a cottage with an acre of land adjacent, because one Thomas Couper deceased held the said cottage all his life, and it was so held and occupied without estate and licence of the lord.  Therefore it was ordered to seise into the lord’s hands etc.

Extracted by us, Thomas Lownds, Owen Gwynys, Robert Maynwaring clerks and William Nycolls


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