Association Rolls, 1696

National Archives, C213/16

In 1696, following an attempt to assassinate William III, Parliament passed "An Act for the Better Security of His Majesties’ Royal Person and Government". It was compulsory for office-holders to swear an oath of loyalty, and in Bucks most adult male inhabitants did so too. The preamble was printed, and they all signed their names or made their mark beneath it. According to the National Archives this was normally done at the Quarter Sessions, but it seems more likely that the signatures were collected at Winslow. They were recorded at the Easter Sessions held at High Wycombe on 23 April 1696.

The sheet for Winslow was divided into four columns with red ink. The fourth column was apparently for Shipton. X in the transcription below indicates where someone made his mark, but various different forms of mark were used, often the person's initial. Some of the names were written by the same, barely literate hand. The names have been transcribed as closely as possible to the forms used in the document but some readings are uncertain.

There are 133 names altogether. 49 made a mark rather than signing, so about 63% of adult males were literate enough to sign their names (which doesn't necessarily mean that they were functionally literate). About half the men are mentioned in the manor court records of 1696 or 97. There are about 30 men mentioned in the manor court or parish registers in 1696-7 who aren't listed here (including the sick, aged and temporary absentees), some of whom may be balanced by non-residents who took the oath at Winslow, so it seems to represent about 80-85% of the adult male population.

There are also 67 names for Little Horwood and 42 for Granborough (scroll down).

Bucks. WHEREAS there has been a Horrid and Detestable Conspiracy formed and carried on by Papists and other Wicked and Traiterous Persons, for Assassinating his Majesty's Royal Person, in order to incourage an Invasion from France, to subvert our Religion, Laws, and Liberty; We whose names are hereunto subscribed, do heartily, sincerely, and solemnly Profess, Testifie and Declare, That His Present Majesty King WILLIAM is Rightful and Lawful King of these Realms; and that neither the Late King James, nor the pretended Prince of Wales, nor any other Person, hath any Right whatsoever to the same: And We doe mutually Promise and Engage to stand by and Assist each other, to the Utmost of our Power, in the Support and Defence of His Majesty's Most Sacred Person and Government, against the Late King James, and the pretended Prince of Wales, and all their Adherents: And in Case his Majesty come to any violent or untimely Death (which God forbid) We do hereby further freely and unanimously Oblige our selves, to Unite, Associate, and stand by each other, in Revenging the same upon his Enemies and their Adherents; and in Supporting and Defending the Succession of the Crown, according to an Act made in the first Year of the Reign of King William and Queen Mary, Intituled, An Act declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject, and settling the Succession of the Crown.

The top of the Association Roll for Winslow

John Croft Vicar Joseph Gyles William Gyles sen John Henly
Nicho: Merwin [deletion] Richard Ginger Wendover Benbow
Joseph Dandridge Chris: Stutsbury Thomas Bett Henery Townsend
Tho. Wainright Wm X Fyrth
his mark
John Harrison Tho: Henly
Willm Gyles Tho: Foster Will Perkins
Daniell Gyles Charles X King senr Ber Nash Robeart X Stevens
Beniamin Morley Charles King Juner Charles Bowler Robeart X ?Michell
Zackary Hames Willam Short John X Kinston Willim Wiatt
Willam X Roads Edward Smith Roberd X ?Eden  
Willm Elliott Samuel Norman Thomas X ?Ward  
William X ?Ginger Wiliam Ashfild William Shelton  
David X Est John Daniel William Shelton  
Willm Bens Stephen Bigg Walt X Harbet Willim Glenster
Rchard X Reding John Hearne Will X Bull William Townsend
Robard X Graing John Greene Fra Dorsett John X Paradine
Ben X Sanders Christopher Coetts Simon Hogson Robert Elliat
Phill X Budd Thomas Taylor John X ?Higens
Thomas X ?Feler John X Shelton John Seaton Jun George Elliott
William X ?Gibs John Stutsbury Peter Lowndes Richard Cox
?Roberd X ?Eden Daniell Hogson Edward Tomlin
Richard Seaton Thomas Wright Tho Deely  
William Spooner Thomas X Small William Kirbee  
Thomas Blake Thomas X Gobing Benj: Dudley  
Thomas Watts William X Bigg  
John Seaton yonger Henry Hughes Thomas Urlwin  
Gorg X Blake Joseph Glenester Tho: Paxton  
William Eden Richard Punn Sil' X Redell  
Thomas X White Thomas Rice William X French [signature deleted]  
Rd [Robard?] X Redding Emeri Fyrth  
Willam X Edmuns Richard X Reding    
Stephen Bigg Joseph Collens    
Robert Gibbs Thomas X Stevens    
Thos Croft John X Robison    
John Wyatt Will X War    
Thomas X Sponer    
Daniel Seaton John Shelton    
John Seaton Willam X Sponer    
Filip X ?Balier    
Nicholas X Plester Squyer Emerton    
Josep Ayres Nicholas X Miller    
William Norman Robart Spooner Juner    
  John Huuitt    
  ?Henry X ?Timms    
  Ralf X Baits    
  Frances X Roges    
  Richard X Worsele    
  Edard X ?Redell    
  ?Abram ?Tegele    
  Abraham Day    
  William Stuart    
  Phillip Horsely    
  Gorge X ?Jinens    
  John X Ambras    
  Joseph Bouden    
  Willam X Wosly    

These are the names of Winslow & Shipon



Little Horwood

John Croft Vicar     Robert Grainge  
Robart Manwaring Hugh Thorpe X   Anthony Godwin Tho Adams
John Stevens William Thorpe X   Artthar Smyth William Illing
Thomas Rutland John Thorpe X   Henery Smyth George Illing
John Wiatt Robert ?Hale X   Richard Smyth Richard Barton
Benedict Holland John Bence X   Will Millear X Robard Whit
John Bowden John Rotland X   John Richason Tho Woodard
Will Stevnes Niclos Stevenes X   William Underwood John Pitkin
Robert Stovnes Christifer King X   Richard Forkner X James Woodward
Thos Mountegue Robert Pitkin X   Will ?Bouen X William Richusson
Richard Sturmy William Stevenes X   John Varney X Robard Innod
John Haines     Charles ?Inardes X Richd Baker
Benedict Hollon     John Earles X John Wilis
Daniel Paine     John Robarson X John Willat
William Holan     Robeart Inwood  
John Fuller     Edward Swannell Mr Fotman our
minester is not
at hom
Benedict Holond X     Samuel Miston
?Edward Lathbiry X     Tho Pittkin
Robert Stevens     Edward Mead
Will Stevens     ?Tho Oakely
Richard Phippes     Richard ?Houe
Tho Gilks     Tho ?Waral  
John Bond X     John ?Waral  
John Morcraft X     Henry Curtis  
George Thorpe     John Hodgskins  
John Mountague     William Willmor  
John Holland     John Mead  
Thomas ?Hull     Joseph Parrot  
Robert Holt X     William Barton  
Georg Stevenes X     William Willis  
John ?Thorp     William Witkeans [signed twice]
Henery Pitkin     Edward Markham  
      John Markham  
      Thomas Barton  
      Will Cox saner  
      Will Cox  
      Tho Wikes  
      Edward Bates  
      John Grine  
      Edward Fotman  
      Christifull Smith  
      Antony Gorg  
      Thomas Couchin  
      Jeyeramy ?Aston  
      John Fulear  
      Henry Pitkin  
      Mile Tems  
      Thomas Curtis  
      Joseph Cox  
      Robart Norman  
      John Fockner  
      Tho Holdom  
      John Gaskins  
      Frances Coy  


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