Early Closing

The early closing of shops for a whole afternoon (Thursday in Winslow) became a legal requirement under the 1911 Shops Act. A very limited form of early closing was introduced much earlier:

1876: Buckingham Advertiser, 3 June

To the Editor of the Buckingham Advertiser

  SIR- Will you allow me a short space in your paper for a few words on the above subject.  Some few months ago, an agreement was made by the tradesmen of this town to close their Establishments at 6 o’clock p.m. every Thursday, to allow the assistants a little more recreation, and as the summer time is coming on it will be appreciated more by them, but lately I find two or three not sticking to the rule, but closing at eight or nine o’clock p.m. as on other nights.  I have often heard of the “early bird to catch the worm,” and perhaps the defaulters think they will catch the last “copper” that is to be had.  In conclusion I thank the principal tradesmen for not being overruled by such ones, who keep their establishments open till such late hours.
                                                   I am, Sir, yours &c.,
  Winslow, May 31st 1876.                                             AN  ASSISTANT.

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