Winslow Cycling Club

Bucks Herald, 1 Aug 1896

The members of the Claydon and Winslow Cycling Club, including Lady and Miss Ruth Verney, journeyed to Bletchley Park on Saturday afternoon, where they were hospitably entertained by Mr and Mrs Leon to tea. After the repast they were shown through the orchid houses and conservatories, the afternoon being greatly enjoyed.

Mr (later Sir Herbert) Leon’s House is now a Museum after its use in World War 2 as a base for code-breakers. Leon is remembered in the name of a comprehensive school in Bletchley: Leon School.

This was one of the last trips by the combined Claydon and Winslow Cycling Club. Over the years the numbers of Winslow-based members had grown to outnumber those of the parent Claydon club so that in March 1897, it was decided to form the “Winslow Cycling Club” with a HQ provided by Mr W.S. Neal of The Bell “free” for 12 months.

Mr W.H. Lambton became its president, the Vice-Presidents were Reverend  W.F. Armstrong, Messrs G.R. Greaves, G.E. D. Wigley, T.P. Willis, H. Bullock, W.S. Neal and G.W. Bull; the Hon. Secretary was Mr J. Morris, captain, Mr E. Gowin, sub-captain Mr Bert Midgley, Hon. Treasurer, Miss White with Mr A. Fulks as its “bugler”.

1898: Buckingham Express, 8 March
  WINSLOW CYCLING CLUB.- The annual meeting of this club was held at the Bell Hotel, Winslow on Friday evening last.  There was a good attendance, showing that the club is keeping up its popularity and giving promise of a successful coming season.  Among those present were- Mr. E. A. Illing (in the chair), Messrs. W. S. Neal, G. E. Reynolds, G. A. Midgley, E. Gowin, E. R. Midgley, J. Morris, S. P. Wigley, A. Rich, E. W. French, F. King, H. Turnham, F. Clarke, and the Misses L. and E. Bonham, Turner [Turnham?], Sear, and Cook.  The balance sheet was read, and showed the club to be in fairly good position, there being a balance in hand of £1 15s. 9d.- The following officers were then elected:- Secretary, Mr. G. E. Reynolds; treasurer, Mr. G. A. Midgley; captain, Mr. E. Gowin; vice-captain, Mr. E. R. Midgley; bugler, Mr. A. J. Fulks; committee, Messrs. Illing, Clarke, Morey, Miss Turnham and Miss Bonham.  It was proposed and carried that the rules of last year be adopted and that the subscriptions remain 2s.  The Chairman suggested that it was advisable for the club to join the N.C.U., but after some discussion this was negatived.  A hearty vote of thanks was proposed to Mr. Neal for his kind offer of the use of his room, and also to the two retiring secretaries, Messrs. J. Morris and S. P. Wigley for their services during the past season.

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