Cricket club meeting, 1897

Buckingham Advertiser, 10 April

The cricket ground had been in the grounds of Winslow Hall, where the Arboretum is now. The catalogue for the Winslow Hall estate sale in 1897 refers to a meadow "formerly used as the Winslow cricket ground" with "a Pavilion of 2 rooms". The former pavilion is still shown on the 1899 OS map, on the east side of the field.  

CRICKET CLUB.- The annual meeting of the members was held on Thursday evening last, at the Yeates’ School.  Mr. G. R. Greaves presided, and was supported by the Rev. W. F. Armstrong, and Mr. Geo. Pass, the hon. sec.; among others present were Messrs. F. Benbow, C. Langley, R. Benbow, E. A. Illing, G. Reynolds, A. J. Clear, Arthur Fulks, H. Ray, etc.- The Chairman said they were met to consider whether the Club was to be continued, and if so, whether they could get the ground.- Mr. Illing said they could get the ground for asking for, on condition of paying up the back rent.- Mr. Pass produced the balance-sheet, which shewed a balance in hand of £4 5 8 ½ – Mr. Langley said they would have been £3 to the bad if they had paid the back rent.- Mr. Benbow said he should think they would never pay that after the way they were turned out.- Mr. Langley said he certainly should not go and ask for the ground.- The Chairman said of course there was no legal claim upon them for the other half.- Mr. G. Reynolds asked was not the ground let to them for cricket purposes only.- Mr. Langley said there was nothing said about it in the agreement, the footballers were only practicing there with the leave of Mr. Eliot, and he contended they had a perfect right to.- Mr. Illing said he thought that when it was explained to them that Lady Dashwood was unwell, and they were asked to leave, they ought to have done so.- Mr. Langley said the footballers were at play on the far side of the field, not where the cricket ground was, and he did not believe they could be heard at the house.- The Chairman asked if there was any other ground they could have.- Mr. Langley said the only ground he knew was Mr. Colgrove’s, and when he and Mr. Eliot went after it, they were asked £5 an acre, and have to put a fence to it and keep at the bottom end nearest the [railway?] line.- Mr. Reynolds proposed that Mr. Lowndes be asked to let them the old ground.- Mr. Fulks seconded this.- On being put to the meeting, only about two hands were held up for it. ...
The meeting was eventually adjourned and the club didn’t play in 1897.

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