Athletic sports, 1875

This is the first record of the annual sports event which was later attached to the Flower Show.

Buckingham Advertiser, 22 May

 ATHLETIC SPORTS.- These sports were held on Whit-Monday, May 17th, in a field adjoining the Grandborough Road, under the superintendence of the committee - Messrs. T. Bond, G. Hawley, J. Hawley, W. J. Jones, A. Mason, G. Meadows, G. Morecraft, W. Neal, jun., and W. Turnham, and attracted a large number of people from Winslow and the surrounding villages.  Mr. W. J. Jones acted as starter, and Mr. A. S. Midgley as judge.  The sports were as follows:-

High jump (boys) first prize, F. Brise, (4ft. 10in.); second, F. Kennings. 

Broad jump (boys) – First prize, F. Brise (4ft. 2in.); second, F. Kennings, (4ft.); third, R. Judd. 

100 yards flat race - First, W. Neal; second, J. Hawley. 

Throwing cricket ball - First prize, J. Brise; second, - Phillips. 

High jump - First prize, J. Hawley, (4ft. 9in.); second, W. Neal, (4ft. 7in.). 

100 yards (boys) – First, F. Brise; second, F. Kennings, third R. Judd. 

Hurdle race, (6 flights)- First, J. Hawley; second, W. Neal. 

Sack race- First, - Royce; second, J. Grace. 

Pole jump- First, - J. Hawley, (7ft. 4in.); second, W. Neal, (7ft. 2in.). 

Mile flat race- First, G. Morecraft; second, G. Howes. 

440 yards flat race (boys)- First, – Allen; second, G. Judd; third, G. Read. 

250 yards flat race- First, W. Neal; second, T. Bond. 

Siamese race, 120 yards- First, Bond and Turnham; second Meadows and Kennings. 

Broad jump- First, W. Turnham, (14ft. 9in.); second, H. Hawtin, (14ft. 3in.). 

Half mile steeplechase- First, G. Morecraft; second, H. Cox; third, - Royce.

Quarter mile consolation handicap- First, H. Kennings; second, W. Brise; third, G. Meadows.

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