Visit by Benjamin Disraeli, 1847

Benjamin Disraeli in an early photoAt the General Election of 1847, three candidates (two Conservative, one Liberal) stood for three seats in Buckinghamshire. There was no contest in the end, but the candidates still toured the constituency. Benjamin Disraeli the future Prime Minister had been an MP since 1837 but this was the first time he had stood for Bucks. Although he had not held office he was one of the leaders of the pro-Corn Law Conservatives who were in opposition. The Bucks Herald was a Tory paper, and the list of people present suggests that most of the farmers, clergy and professionals of Winslow were Conservatives too - although according to the Oxford Chronicle, 27 March 1841, a majority of parishioners signed a petition for repeal of the Corn Laws. It was unusual to have events of this sort at The George rather than The Bell - perhaps the Neals were not Disraeli-ites.

Bucks Herald, 24 July 1847


CALEDON GEORGE DU PRE, Esq., and BENJAMIN DISRAELI, Esq., will attend a MEETING of the CONSERVATIVE ELECTORS and their FRIENDS, at the BOWLING GREEN, in WINSLOW, on THURSDAY, the 29th of JULY instant, at 3 o’Clock in the Afternoon, to make known and explain their Political opinions.

Bucks Herald, 31 July 1847


A meeting of the Conservative electors and their friends took place on Thursday at the Bowling Green, Winslow.

The Conservative Committee of Winslow met at one o’clock at the George Inn, where a handsome cold collation was provided.  The room was filled with the gentry, clergy, and yeomen of the neighbourhood, among whom were William Lowndes Stone, Esq., Richard William Selby Lowndes, Esq.,  Edward William Selby Lowndes, Esq.,  W. J. Bailey, Esq., S. G. Dudley, Esq., J. Disraeli, Esq., John Cowley, Esq., W. S. Bowen, Esq., R. Palmer, Esq., George Cowley, Esq., George West, Esq., J. S. Winter, Esq., C. Spencer, Esq.;  the Rev. A. Baynes, the Rev. Charles Kerr, the Rev. N. J. Whitfield, the Rev. Mark Carr, the Rev. – Jones, the Rev. – Welch, the Rev. – Smith, the Rev. G. F. Latimer;  Messrs. Samuel Cole, S. B. Dudley, E. Dudley, John King, (Barn Hill), Viccars, G. Cross, Robert Curtis, John Curtis, Thomas Curtis, R. Marks, Baylis, Woodward, Jones, (Winslow), Burgess, Hedges, Tomes, Tomes, jnr., Kay, Wm. Dancer, Brise, Warr, Grace, John King, (Winslow), B. Parrott, Hirons, Monk, Nobes, Paine, Allen, &c. &c. &c.

At half-past two Mr. Disraeli arrived in a carriage and four, followed soon after by Mr. Du Pre.  The hon. Gentlemen were received by a large body of the meeting with acclamation, the bells ringing merrily, and a band of music adding spirit to the proceedings.

After partaking of luncheon the party adjourned to the Bowling Green, which had been tastefully adorned for the occasion, where the chair was taken by S. G. Dudley, Esq., who commenced the business of the day in a very appropriate speech, introducing the two Candidates to the notice of the Electors.

Mr. DU PRE then spoke at considerable length.

Mr. DISRAELI subsequently addressed the meeting in a brilliant speech, which elicited the most enthusiastic acclamations.

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