Visits to Winslow by John Newton

The diaries of John Newton, hymn-writer and preacher of Olney, are gradually being published by the John Newton Project. Newton was invited to Dunton in 1765 by Rev. James Moody (rector 1717-72), and became an annual visitor, travelling through Winslow, sometimes with his friend the poet William Cowper.

Tue 18 Dec 1765
While visiting Dunton, Newton "walked from thence to Winslow, where I found a few pilgrims; we seemed to rejoice to see each other."

Thu 2 Oct 1766
Accompanied by "Mr C" of Stony Stratford, Newton went through Winslow on his way to Dunton. "Stayed there the afternoon. Had some liberty in conversing with a few serious souls, who with respect to the Gospel Ordinances are in much darkness. Left them at five, reached Dunton at six."

Tue 6 Oct 1767
Newton and Cowper "rode to Winslow where dined, and spent the rest of the day in sweet converse with a few hungering and thirsting souls." They went on to Dunton the next day, and returned home through Winslow and Stony Stratford on the 8th.


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