Bucks Assizes, Summer 1718

National Archives, ASSI 94/377

See 1662 Assizes for an introduction. The July 1718 records contain one case concerning Winslow.

[Latin] Joseph Phipps late of Winslow Labourer on 10 April 4 George [1718] by force and arms feloniously stole and took away 7 shillings in cash from the money of Thomas Stephens in his shop.

[verso] True bill. Mary Stephens and Elizabeth Clements sworn in court.

Verdict written on the indictment[added in another hand, in very abbreviated Latin] po(nit) se cul(pabilis) = He put himself (to the jury); guilty; 11d[?]

If this really says XId (it's not the way in which numerals are normally written in such documents), it probably means that he was found guilty of stealing 11d. Theft of a sum under a shilling counted as petty larceny, which would normally be punished by a whipping or being put in the pillory rather than being treated as a capital offence.

There is no further information about Joseph Phipps. Thomas Stevens served as constable of Winslow in 1719-20. Mary was apparently his wife; they had children baptised 1716-20. The nature of his shop isn't known.


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