Assaults and other offences, 1680-90

These come from the Bucks Quarter Sessions records (available from the Bucks Record Society):

Easter 1680
John Greene, Abraham Day senior, and Abraham Day junior, all of Winslow, for assaulting Thomas Benboe; the first
fined £1; the other two fined 5s each.

Midsummer 1681
Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Betts, Mary Greene, widow, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Benboe, Katherine, wife of William East, Mary, wife of Richard Pitkins, Elizabeth, wife of William Powers, Mary, wife of Henry Tims, Margaret, wife of William Lovett, Joan, wife of Nicholas Miller, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Bigge, Hannah, wife of William Stormer, Margaret, wife
of William Miller, Mary, wife of Daniel Hogston, Judith, wife of Samuel Winston, Joan, wife of James Allen, Anne, wife of Christopher Willins, Susan, wife of Ralph Noone, Ellen, wife of Thomas Swift, Mary Porter, spinster, and Ursula, wife of John Bowyer, all of Winslow, for rioting and for assaulting Robert Thornton at Winslow market.
"The severall poor women of Winslow indicted for a ryott and assault upon Edward [sic] Thornton submitted and was fined severally 3s 4d."

Michaelmas 1681
Thomas Daniel, Margaret Wyett, William Hunt, Robert Gibbs, William Prentice, Christopher Coates, John Norman, George Norris, Abraham Day, Joseph Danderidge, Robert Scott, Nicholas Miller, Dorothy Pitkins, Anne Atwood, Elizabeth Glenester, John Ambridge, Thomas Goddinge, Thomas Mitchell, Thomas Pease, David East, John Kelly, and John Livett, all of Winslow, for "not keepinge the Assize in bread and beer."

Michaelmas 1681
Thomas Slye of Winslow, gentleman, fined 13s 4d, for assaulting Jane Gibbs, widow.

Michaelmas 1682
Thomas Smallbones of Winslow, labourer, who pleaded guilty of stealing a turkey hen, value 6d, and a duck, value 4d, from Mr William Giles of Winslow, is ordered to be whipped in the gaol, "until his body be bloody," and then discharged, paying his fees.

Easter 1684
George Hardinge of Winslow ordered to be bound over to appear at the next session, for concealing several recognizances which he ought to have brought into court.
Midsummer 1684
George Hardinge of Winslow, surgeon, forfeits his recognizance of £100 for non-appearance, and his sureties, Charles Coates and Joseph Glenester, both of Winslow, forfeit £20 each.

Midsummer 1689
Thomas Ping of Winslow, for stealing three chickens, value 10d.
Sentenced (Epiphany 1690) to be whipped at the cart's tail from Aylesbury gaol to the George Inn and back again, and then to be discharged.

Michaelmas 1690
Elizabeth, wife of Walter Herbert of Winslow, indicted for assaulting Joan, wife of William Edmonds.
Recognizances of Thomas Smalbones, "habadasher of hatts," and Stephen Bigg, blacksmith, both of Winslow, as sureties for the appearance of Elizabeth, wife of Walter Herbert of Winslow, barber, and then £20 each for her to keep the peace. She was fined 6s 8d.

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