Will of Walter Tomlyns of London, mariner, 1644 (proved 1645)

National Archives, PROB 11/192/250

Memorandum That on Thursday the nyne and Twentieth day of August Anno Domini One thousand six hundred Fortie Fower in the Twentieth yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord King Charles of England etc. Walter Tomlyns of London Mariner being of sound and perfect mynde and memory (though weake in bodie) with a full purpose and intent to make his last Will and Testament did in the presence and heareing of William Allen thelder Shipwright and of Andrew Jennynges Servant of the said Walter make and declare the same in these words or to the same effect vizt  he gave To his Brother Robert Tomlyns Tenne pounds in money And to his Brother Thomas Tomlynes Five pounds in money And to his brother Edward Tomlyns Five pounds in money And to every of the now children of the said Thomas and Edward Twentie shillinges apeece And hee made his wife Martha Tomlyns his Executrix And hee willed that (after his debts funerall and Legacyes paid and discharged) The Residue of his personall estate should be equally parted and divided Between his said wife Martha Tomlyns and Ellen the daughter of the said Walter and Martha vizt the One Moyetie to the said Martha, and the other Moyetie to the said Ellen Together also with his Landes and Tenements in like manner vizt the One Moyetie to the said Martha and the other Moyetie to the said Ellen And the same division to be made between \them/ as indifferentlie may be by the said William Allen and Henry Rock Shipwright William Allen jenior Andrew Jennynges.

[Probate at London at the PCC on 17 Jan 1644/5 to Martha Tomlyns, widow and executrix]


Although you wouldn't expect someone from 17th-century Winslow to become a mariner, there's no doubt that this was the Walter Tomlyn whose death was recorded at the 1645 manor court, by which time his daughter Ellen or Eleanor had married James Brampton of Stepney (at All Hallows, Barking by the Tower, on 6 Feb 1644/5; Ellen was said to be of Dunstans East). Walter held a messuage and 18 acres in Winslow when he died. In 1640, he received 4 acres from his father William, and his brother Thomas mortgaged a messuage and 15 acres to him.

Walter was the son of William Tomlyn, bap. 29 Sep 1597. Robert was his younger brother, bap. 1602. Edward was probably Edmund son of William, bap. 1594, and Thomas seems to be the Thomas Tomlyn bap. 1589 (father's name not given). William the father (d.1641) married Ellen Hawkins in 1587; she was the daughter of Walter Hawkins, d.1583.

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